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Diet Cocktail

Principles of diet cocktail
Several times a year (for 3-4 consecutive days) you can drink only juices and smoothies. This will allow you to lose 2-3 kg. Another option is a day diet cocktail juice once a week.

What is a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy - how the study?Colonoscopy is one of the most important preventive testing over 50 years of age. Everyone should do it once in 10 years, because in this study can not only see the inside of the large intestine, but remove polyps, which could arise in the future colorectal cancer, which one of the deadliest types of cancer.

Herbs for constipation

Herbs in the treatment of constipation
If you run a faulty lifestyle: too little you move, your diet is rich in fats, meat, eggs, fish, and is low in vegetables, salads, fruits, you're too nervous - all this can be the reason for functional disorders of the locomotor system (muscles and innervation intestines).

Wheat bran laxatives

Natural laxativesWheat Bran - the best natural remedy for constipation, and avoiding constipation reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, diverticulitis intestinal varices, hiatal hernia, and possibly colon cancer.

Supplements and Health

Vitamin Supplements
Companies that produce dietary supplements tempt their customers the promise of a better life and well-being. So let's find out if indeed these preparations are effective and safe for our body.

Honey and Health

Healthy honey
Honey is not only great taste. It is fueled, regenerates and is a natural drug substance. Protects us to some extent against environmental pollution. It reduces the toxic effects of alcohol or nicotine and other drugs.

Diet fat burning soup

How to burn excess fat?Fat burning soup you can eat whenever you feel hungry. Eat as much as you want. The more soup you eat, the more you lose weight. You can not eat bread and fried foods. You can eat cooked or baked chicken instead of beef, but of course without the skin. Beef can replace the fish, but only one day meat.

Herbs for digestion

Homemade solutions to problems with digestion With digestive problems can cope with home remedies. Just to have on hand droughts mint, chamomile, fennel and green tea. They help in the fight against almost all of the incapacity of the digestive system.

Lazy bowel syndrome

Lazy bowel Persons who work at a desk, eat fast food, they are not physically active, may have problems with the digestive tract. Due to the lack of fiber and traffic slowly begin to fade mechanisms that are responsible for the reflex bowel movement. This is called. lazy bowel syndrome, whose symptoms are habitual constipation accompanying discomfort.

The effects of high cholesterol - how to avoid them?

High levels of blood cholesterol
Most people over 35-years-old have elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. With small values, you can easily remedy. People with elevated blood cholesterol should restrict eating fatty foods, junk food, do not smoke and get moving, because excess cholesterol clogs arteries, and this can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Urine test for bilirubin

Home test for the presence of bilirubin in urine
Urinalysis is one of the basic tests performed in medicine. Brings a lot of information about the state of our urinary system, about the work of the kidneys, as well as systemic diseases.

Research bilirubin

Blood tests - bilirubin
Bilirubin is a metabolic end product of heme, hemoglobin or non-protein part responsible for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the system. It is a not needed, and the excess is dangerous to health. Therefore it should be expelled from the body.

Healthy liver - less risk of other diseases

Take care of the healthy liver
The Washington University in St. Louis carried out an interesting study on obese adolescents. They were divided into two groups. The first includes those with excessive body weight and hepatic steatosis, the second of children with obesity, but without symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFDL - professional name of fatty liver).

Lose weight - will improve the function of liver

Drop excess weight and improve your liver function
The liver is one of the largest and most hardworking organ of man. Works like a factory. It is the blood clots change carbohydrates into glucose, dissolved fats and bile. Is a magazine for proteins, vitamins, iron, and also produces enzymes. And this is not the end :)

What she likes your liver?

What is good for your liver?
First of all you need to do self-examination and see how you eat. Normally, the liver is able to remedy your errors nutrition, but from time to time, change your diet to be able to rest and recuperate.

Coconut oil prevents liver diseases

Healthy Coconut Oil
Coconut palm tree grows, and contrary to popular belief, is not a nut. Is oval shaped and has a length of 12-20 cm. His thick crust Italian cover and at the top we can see the three cavities - one of them when ripe coconut sprout young shoots.

Cleansing fasting

Diet fasting
Treatment of hunger used for centuries by natural medicine as a way to strengthen the body's own healing powers. It is especially purifying the body. Exactly detoxifies the body and causes the release of his defense mechanisms, so that increases resistance to all kinds of infections.

Cholecystitis treatment

Herbs in the treatment of inflammation of the gall bladder
Inflammation of the gall bladder usually occurs when there is a history behind biliary colic. Most often, it goes by itself after a few days, but a good option is to work with the inflammatory process with herbal medicines.

Diet for hemorrhoids

The diet in the treatment of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are normally found in the rectum, small blood-filled "cushions" that provide anal leakage channel. With the gas and stool are kept in place until the moment when we go to the toilet.

Herbs for liver

Herbs in the liver
The liver is the largest gland of the human body. Its task is to function storage system for food material (glycogen). There is also a fine chemical factory system, which is enabled between the two systems - digestive and circulatory systems.

Products lowering blood cholesterol levels

What helps knock down the level of cholesterol in the blood?

If the results of blood tests ( especially high cholesterol ) raise your anxiety, then lower it before you start medication, take care of what day it lands on your plate, because proper diet and herbs huddle cholesterol almost as well as pharmaceuticals.

Fat burning diet

How to burn excess fat?
Fat-burning soup you can eat whenever you feel hungry. Eat as much as you want. The more soup you eat, the more you lose weight. You can not eat bread, and fried foods. You can eat cooked or baked chicken instead of beef, but of course without the skin. Beef can replace the fish, but only in one day meat.

What to excessive intestinal gas?

How to get rid of excess gas in the intestines? One of the most effective natural methods that helps in getting rid of excessive intestinal gas is a dill. To prepare the brew take a tablespoon fennel seeds and grind in a mortar. Then pour the edited material 1.5 cups of boiling water and allow to stand for three hours.

Hepatitis B Treatment

Symptoms and treatment of hepatitis B
What is hepatitis B? It is an infection caused by a virus attacking the liver and causing a very serious disease. From infection to onset of symptoms, the patient may take from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Cumin in the treatment of liver

The use of cumin in the treatment of liver and biliary tract
Cumin - biennial plant of the family Umbelliferae. Available in Europe from France by Germany outside the eastern Polish border to the Urals, Siberia and Central Asia to the Himalayas.

Psoriasis of the liver

Milk thistle also helps with psoriasis

People with psoriasis should correct the malfunction of the liver. It is described that silymarin may help in the treatment of psoriasis, which may result from its ability to inhibit leukotriene synthesis and improvement of liver function.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) - how it works on the liver?

What it is and how it works on the liver - dihydromyricetin(DHM) Failure and cirrhosis of the liver are very serious conditions that concern for both patients and doctors. Scientists have recently turned attention to the new plant, which probably helps the liver. This plant is a Japanese Raisin Tree. Includes dihydromyricetin (DHM), and it was she who raised hopes among professionals.

Diet cleansing of toxins

Removing toxins from the body
Most of our health problems stems from the fact that we are surrounded by toxins everywhere, because civilization is constantly provides us with further portions of exhaust gas, waste, chemicals.

Standard blood cholesterol

Examination of blood cholesterol If you want to measure your cholesterol, it will be necessary for the blood test. This is best done in the clinic, but you can buy at a pharmacy a special test to do at home (eg Cholesterol Test).

Inflammation of the gall bladder

Herbs in the treatment of inflammation of the gall bladderInflammation of the gall bladder usually occurs when there is a history behind biliary colic. Most often, it goes by itself after a few days, but a good option is to work with the inflammatory process with herbal medicines.

Cleansing the body of sunflower oil

Purification of the body by suction of sunflower oil It is one of the most original purification methods and treatment of the body, which is based on the fact that one of the functions of the glands of the mouth is the excretion of waste products from the blood.

Lemon and liver

Lemon in the treatment of liver
It comes from China or India, and was known in ancient Greece and Rome. Lemon was cultivated by the Romans in greenhouses as early as the third century AD.

Alcohol effects on the liver

Alcohol and liver Alcohol, of course, reduces customs, but you can not eat it too often and in excessive quantities. It is also worth making the periodic interruption of intoxicating liquors and take preparations that contain silymarin, such as milk thistle.

Cleansing the body by Walker

Body cleansing treatment by Walker The total cleansing of the body is done by citrus juice. Depth survey of citrus family took his time, the famous American scholar Norman Walker. He says that the regular use of fresh juices from fruits and vegetables fully restores health.

Apple cider vinegar on the liver

Apple cider vinegar helps the liver
The spirit vinegar is harmful and unchallenged, but it can be replaced and the vinegar produced from the raw fruits can be tasted. It is produced by bacterial fermentation. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and, most importantly, it helps the liver....

Liver Cleansing honey

Honey in the treatment of liver
Cholelithiasis accompanied by inflammation of the gallbladder and liver. In its removal helps proper diet. The diet should be started about a month before cleaning the liver.

Liver failure diet

How and what to eat in liver failure? Do you want to function as normally as possible despite the diseased liver? It can be done. You just need to follow some important principles. End of alcohol, other drugs and fatty food, or ... healthy eating balm for utrapionej liver.

Detoxify your body

Detoxifying body treatment A little known, extremely effective, simple and safe. Just for use late autumn to late October or early November. Treatment lasts 10-12 days a healing effect lasts for up to six months and a change habits habits, permanently.

Cleansing the liver melon

Treatment Cleansing the liver melon From how well the liver is functioning very much depends on your body. The mood, emotions, passions, joys and sorrows - all depends on the health of your liver. Condition your skin also tells you about how well the liver is doing its cleansing function. Different patches of skin rashes, itching and, most importantly, suggest that the liver is not doing well.

Cirrhosis of liver

How to prevent cirrhosis of the liver?
Contrary to appearances, this problem is not just alcoholics, because sometimes bad habits can act on the liver as paralyzing as the long-term drinking liquor in unfavorable numbers.

What is good for the liver?

Effective ways for a healthy liver
Most of us do not even fully understand how important is for us the liver. Most probably do not even wonder on what is the cause of liver disease, which very often belittled, and of the majority of cases it is too late and starts to just suffer. Many of us simply do not know how to take care of your liver.

How to take care of liver?

How to care for liver and gallbladder? We already know that liver disease due to the functions they are one and the important organ, can have serious consequences for the whole organism. The liver is particularly vulnerable to poisoning, inter alia resulting from the consumption of excessive amounts of drugs. Other causes of liver disease are also viruses and parasites. It is widely recognized that diet is one of the pillars of both prevention and treatment of liver diseases.

Secrets of longevity

The shortest known path to longevity in 11 words
The year is 2128. I'm 152 years. My time is coming to an end. Since you also want to wait for old age in good health, you ask me about the old fastest, easiest, least exertion secret to longevity, how could I tell you before I'll go out of the arena of life.

How to sleep well?

9 tricks for good night's sleep Ahh, good, deep sleep. We all want it, and no one gets. You do not exaggerate when I say that insomnia is an epidemic of the XXI century, especially for people in their fifties.

Skin cleansing system

How to naturally cleanse the skin? Pretty long troubled me change the skin of hands, and the doctors could not diagnose exactly (whether psoriasis, eczema, and may stain). Even though it was said that it was incurable.