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Cleansing Popeye spinach soup

Popeye Spinach Soup

Cleansing the body eliminate waste from the body acidic and harmful microorganisms, detoxifying the blood, tissues and digestive system.
You definitely need to get rid of any dirt accumulated in your body, especially in the large intestine by eating poorly combined foods and processed products, fried and cooked for too long, as well as simple starches and fats.

    Caution! It carried out two or three days of cleansing the body, and even when seriously ill ten days, but the long- cleansing diet is necessary to ensure the supervision of a physician.

If you have no health problems and you can not abandon its long schedule, offers 48 -hour treatment, for example, you can run over the weekend.

During the cleansing diet you should drink at least four liters of water with lime juice or lemon.
Within these four liters of or in addition to them, you can drink 6 - 12 glasses of juice of fresh green vegetables. This will help the body get rid of toxins and make the environment has become more alkaline.

Take juice of:

    cucumber, kale, broccoli, celery, green lettuce, cabbage leaves, okra, wheat grass, barley grass, watercress, white cabbage, spinach, alfalfa sprouts and other vegetables that you like.

Carrots and beets use in smaller amounts to sweeten juice.

    Example juice, one cucumber, one stalk of celery, third bunch of parsley, a handful of alfalfa sprouts and a few leaves of spinach.

Spinach soup Popey'a the purification of the body

Instead of juice (especially in your normal meal time ), you can eat a clean, short cooked spinach soup Popey'a .

This is a great soup base because it contains cucumbers and greens. Prepare it in 10 minutes. You can eat it for example to heat the fresh tortillas.

Ingredients: 1 avocado | 1 cup water or vegetable broth | 2 cucumbers from organic farming | 1 cup fresh spinach | 2 spring onions | 1 clove garlic | 1/2 red bell pepper | salt to taste | Eastern spices ( 1/2 tsp garam masala , 1/2 teaspoon curry powder , 1/2 teaspoon Zip) | fresh lemon juice to taste | 4 fresh mint leaves for garnish

Preparation: blend avocado and half the amount of water or broth, and then throw in a blender remaining ingredients except mint. Slice to achieve the desired density, adding more water if you want to spread out. Add seasoning to taste and lemon juice. You can add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

The soup you can eat hot and cold.

    Caution! If you would like to eat hot soup, then heat it gently until the moment when you can easily dip your finger in it (about 48 degrees ). The soup is still raw, but warm, not boiled.

The soup garnish with mint leaves on top. 


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