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Banana diet weight loss plan

Banana diet weight lossBanana diet provides valuable vitamins, minerals, accelerates cellular regeneration, strengthens the nervous system and, most importantly, allows you to lose at least 1 kg per day. Wait until Saturday and.... start.
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Fiber and weight loss

High fiber diet weight lossDiet fiber is becoming more and more popular in today's world, when more and more people are aware of how eating food affects our health. The diet has been popularized by fitness experts and nutritionists. It is rich in dietary fiber and low in fat.

Milk for weight loss

Milk diet for weight lossMilk diet is recommended for people who like milk, cocoa, honey and vegetable broth, because these are the basic ingredients of a diet. Use it only at weekends, from Friday to Sunday, and you can eat almost everything within a week, but half as much as you used to eat. You need to avoid fatty meats and high-calorie cakes.

Macrobiotic diet plan

Macrobiotic diet weight loss plan George Oshawa developed the macrobiotic method in 1911. This diet is derived from ancient principles of Chinese medicine (eastern manuscripts). Food is divided into Yin (priming and cooling, it represents the female element.

Kefir diet weight loss

Kefir diet and weight loss One of the most famous ways of cleansing the body is the kefir diet. She won many fans thanks to her effectiveness. However, in order to achieve the desired results, it must be applied properly and all indications must be observed.

Calcium weight loss

Calcium helps weight lose and speeds up metabolismCalcium is primarily associated with the health of our teeth. It is needed to be strong, it also prevents osteoporosis and strengthens the skeleton. Meanwhile, its role in the body is much greater. Calcium is one of those elements whose deficiency has very serious consequences.