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Yoyo diet

Yoyo effect of weight loss Deciding to lose weight, we must work our a plan of action to implement it consistently every day, so that in effect, lose weight.

Biofeedback treatment

Biofeedback therapy - what is it?Biofeedback is a method of exercise for the brain, which gives a chance to improve and increase the efficiency of the brain. Thanks supports (and accelerate) the process of learning and memory, increases concentration and reduces stress levels.

Best way to hydrate skin

Skin hydration If we want to take care of our body and make our skin to long maintained a young and fresh look, apply various cosmetics and creams. But keep in mind that your body and skin watering before everything ... from the inside.

Why do we need fiber?

Why do you need fiber in your diet? More and more people guided by the principles of healthy eating. Under the motto "you are what you eat", want to be aware of the ingredients and nutritional value of each product.

Fats in diet

Healthy fatsIs fat can be healthy? Yes of course! We just have to remember that in our diet were valuable fats, or those that are a rich source of essential fatty acids (in short: EFA), because that's what they positively affect our body.

Types of psoriasis

What types of psoriasis? The symptoms of psoriasis, or skin disease that affects 3% of the population, can eliminate 100%, but you need to match specific treatment for psoriasis. A variety are few.

Stress and insomnia

When stress does not allow to fall asleep You can not mute the evening and fall asleep, because you had a stressful day? You're not the one you're such a night person. Stress and tension causes problems with falling asleep at the growing number of people.

Healthy snack ideas

Healthy snack  From time to time everyone catches up craving for treats. In such situations often choose candy bars, chips and other unhealthy snacks that - in addition to high-calorie - they are filled with preservatives and artificial flavors.

Gas and bloating

Troublesome gases Some foods, when digested intensify this bothersome ailment. There are also such that they possess the ability to absorb gases and reduce their quantity in the intestine. Other although not increase the problem, significantly impair the smell.

Healthy meals for lunch at work

How to eat healthily at work? The multitude of responsibilities, deadlines, ringing phones, we forget that we also work to eat healthily. The more that well-composed lunchbox not only silence the hunger, but also provide us with healthy energy - so much needed at work.

Psoriasis on scalp

Scalp PsoriasisPsoriatic lesions occur on the hands, legs, back or abdomen can be easily hidden under clothing. And what to do when the disease affects the scalp? Contrary to appearances ways to cope with psoriasis of the scalp is very much.