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Migraine headaches treatment

How to treat migraine headaches?

Headaches affect nearly 90% of men and 95% women

All pain is bad, but there are few things as mentally exhausting as a headache. It affects our mood, our performance, even on our social life. Even after its dissolution feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Headaches are different. We can distinguish those whose cause is migraine, which are the cause of the bay, as well as those resulting from tension. They are really very different, a common feature in them that relate to the same part of the body - the head.

However, most headaches can be avoided. The fact is, of course, in pharmacies large amount of drugs that help relieve headache. But why wait until it starts? Is not it better just try to head does not hurt us started? is not it better to prevent than cure?


Migraine pain is disintegrating head, beginning from seemingly no reason. The reason for migraines matters relating to the blood vessels situated within, mind. Specifically, it appears that this swelling of the blood vessels providing blood supply to the brain triggers pain. In turn, the reasons for this may be different in different people, although many of them repeated in many people.

Next to headache, others almost as common symptoms of a migraine attack are nausea and blurred vision.

Migraines are without comparison the most common form of headache. Affecting 10 to 15 percent of the world population. A special feature of migraines is that it generally appears in childhood or adolescence and is most common in young and middle-aged.

The only positive thing that can be said about migraine is usually age ceases. But not to anything to do with the environment in which the person lives with her upbringing or class social.Ona really does not discriminate.

Migraines have a huge impact on the quality of life of a person. Not only affects the life of her, but also the lives of its immediate environment. Migraine attacks can sometimes be so severe that a person must resign from their normal activities in three to four days in a row.

When the pain associated with migraine begins, it is a veritable torture. It feels as if the whole our half his head was torn off. In addition, very little you can then do to stopped.

Migraine with time he passes by. Usually when a person touched her neatly sleeps a few hours. Attacks occur with different frequencies in different individuals, can several times a week, for very occasional, even once every few years.

Although generally a migraine attack occurs unexpectedly, in some people it can not predict. For example, there is a greater likelihood of a migraine during menstruation, and on Saturday morning, after a stressful week at work.

Although many migraine sufferers have a family history of this ailment, the exact nature of her inheritance is not yet known. It is believed that people who suffer from migraines have inherited some abnormality in the regulation of blood vessels.

The following factors often act as triggers of a migraine attack:

Stress one of the main factors that may cause an attack. Stress and may be difficult to avoid, as it often is it somehow an integral part of working life.

Anger also can trigger a migraine attack. People with an explosive temper may be advised to learn to control your anger. The best method is, of course, the traditional counting to ten. The next time you feel angry, before you explode, count slowly from one to ten. There is a good chance that by this time considerably calmer.

Fatigue - both physical and mental - also can cause a migraine attack. So do not overload too much. When your body signals you that you're getting tired, put what you are doing and rest. Realize that even a little bit more done today will not offset your caused by migraine, inability to work tomorrow, or the next few days.

The positive news should be right for you is that migraines can be largely prevented.

Headaches due to sinus problems

Also, sinus problems cause headaches. Gulf is a small hollow spaces in the bones of the face, just under the skin. These are concentrated in the vicinity of the nose, the temple and around the eyes. Sometimes, as a result of infection, these spaces are filled with mucus and inflammation. This leads to headaches.

There are many possible causes of sinusitis, they are: allergy, crooked nasal septum, acute colds, increased mucous membranes inside the nose, and ongoing acute infection.

Headaches caused by tension

Headaches caused by tension are also common in many people. It induces stress and anxiety. When a person is stressed, it appears in her headache of this kind. Too little sleep, cares and worries are the cause of such pain ...


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