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Healthy snack ideas

Healthy snack 

From time to time everyone catches up craving for treats. In such situations often choose candy bars, chips and other unhealthy snacks that - in addition to high-calorie - they are filled with preservatives and artificial flavors.

Instead of reaching for products that are of no nutritional value, you need a little something which on the one hand satisfy the small hunger, and second, to provide the body with valuable nutrients.


Fresh vegetables and fruits are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. They provide the body, inter alia, vitamin B and vitamin C, A, E, K and pectin, fiber and organic acids. It should get used to reaching precisely not in situations where we need to eat something quickly. Not only do fruits such as apples, pears or bananas can be an alternative to sweets and fast foods but also vegetables, which - especially at this time of year - is a wildly.

The particles tomatoes, slices of zucchini, cut into bars carrots, peppers or even parsley root, can be a fantastic snack. Persons who did not relish eating the same vegetables can enrich them with all kinds of dips and pastes. Devotees of exotic flavors should appeal to very simple to prepare, paste derived from Middle Eastern cuisine such as hummus or baba ghanoush.

In contrast, fans of Balkan flavors will taste the vegetable pastes and sauces, in which abound Balkans, for example. Ajvar, ljutenica or pinjur. The latter can prepare yourself, although it requires a little time, and you can also use prepared with natural ingredients, ready-made pastes and sauces. An interesting proposition are also dips yogurt that can be prepared at any time with yogurt, fresh herbs and spices.

A little something

Not all finished products are filled with preservatives and improvers. Among them you can find snacks that will satisfy hunger and fancy treats, and by the way are healthy. Should be implemented into your daily diet olives, which are an excellent addition not only for pizza. You can eat them in salads, with pasta and raw.

You can also prepare them flavorful pastes for bread and raw vegetables, for example. Tapenade or soup, to prepare the olives enough, any cheese or sour cream, olive oil and some spices. Olives are a rich source of vitamins A and E, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

The perfect company for oil will be stuffed grape leaves, which this time of year can be prepared from fresh leaves. They can cram all - the feta cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, rice and so on.

Nuts and seeds, and something instead

The unique snack nuts and seeds is that, in addition to that it provides the body with vitamin E, is a valuable antioxidant and strengthens blood vessels. Deficiencies of vitamin E in the body can cause annoyance and weakening ability to concentrate.

If we feel like a more plucking, and nuts unfortunately are fairly high in calories, you can substitute roasted in the chickpeas, which should be cooked and then mixed with any additives, eg. Of honey and cinnamon or, in the version seasoned with olive oil, chilli and salt and bake in the oven until golden brown chickpeas and will be crispy.

Both the fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as ready made snacks or seeds are an excellent option for people for whom it is important to healthy eating. In addition to snacking without the prospect of obtaining additional centimeters in circumference, they are an excellent alternative both to all kinds of events and parties, and during the evenings with a movie or book.


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