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Lowering blood sugar levels

How to lower blood sugar?

Antidiabetic diet helps maintain health in people with diabetes control the disease and keep in good shape.

The menu should be set to its calorific value was dependent on our current weight. People with normal weight does not have to be limited enough that their diet is well balanced and overweight people should adhere to sound principles and reduce the calorific value of meals to 1,500 calories (men and 1800 kcal).

Warning! Excessive adipose tissue is responsible for the fact that the body is becoming resistant to insulin, and this results in that the glucose is less well absorbed and increases blood glucose levels.

Eat regular meals

Warning! Too long intervals between meals can lead to hypoglycemia (blood sugar level drops then below normal).

The result can be weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of concentration, and in extreme cases, even coma.

Counter hypoglycemia by eating small portions but often and regularly (approx. 6 times a day). This is to avoid not only precipitous drop in blood glucose, but also excessive increase in sugar after a meal (hyperglycemia).

Symptoms of hyperglycemia is .: excessive thirst, frequent urination, feeling of dryness in the mouth.

Warning! Sudden increases and decreases in blood sugar occur particularly after eating the high GI (glycemic index of more than 55). These products consist mainly of simple, easily digestible carbohydrates and precisely because of them, people who want to protect against diabetes, as well as sick people should not eat products with white flour, sweetened with sugar or honey, fruit juices and some fruits (eg . bananas, grapes, candied fruits).

What to eat to lower blood sugar?

The best will be lean, not fried products with low GI because they stabilize the sugar and not fattening.

Warning! A healthy diet should be varied.

The menu should be formulated such that during the day to eat: approx. 800 g of vegetables, 300 grams of fruit, two servings of cereal products (portion include. Slice of wholemeal bread or 3 flat spoons of porridge - before cooking), 2 servings of lean dairy products (portion to 200 ml or 100 g of kefir curd), one portion of lean meat, sausage, poultry (150 g) and fish (200 g), 2 portions of vegetable fat (eg. tablespoon oil and 2 teaspoons of soft margarine).

Principle plate

It is worth it direct to simplify realized. Makes sure then that 50% of its area occupied vegetables (can be from the hill), 30% whole grain and 20% lean meat, fish or dairy products, and fruits best places to eat in addition to meals.

Warning! Selection of the fruit with components that absorb any longer, preventing a steep rise in blood glucose.

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes, get a referral to a diabetes clinic, and there specialists to help arrange individually tailored diet or correct the current menu.

Remember! Fasting glucose:

60-99 mg / dL: the result in the standard:
100-125 mg / dL: threat of diabetes;
126 mg / dL or more: when the result is repeated, it's diabetes.


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