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How to stop smoking cigarettes?

How to quit cigarettes?

Why quit smoking traditional methods did not produce lasting effects? Why sooner or later habit of coming back like a boomerang and a smoker reaches for another cigarette?

Quitting smoking
strong will, gum and nicotine patches, hypnosis and tablets blocking the craving, they can bring only a brief, immediate assistance. Each of these methods will give you just a few percent chance of permanent cessation of tobacco because it focuses only on the physical aspect of addiction. Sooner or later the cigarette back. The truth is that nicotine is addictive far more mentally than physically.

You need to change the approach to get out of the trap of nicotine

To finally get out of the habit is not enough to block the physical cravings. It is even less relevant and always works only for a moment. If you want to stop smoking need to change completely the approach and reduce to zero the psychological hunger. This can be done by the method of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which through knowledge (knowledge) can alter behavior (behaviorism).

Whether smoker really want to smoke?

No one who first lit a cigarette not decided on that will burn for the next few decades ... According to the survey Clinic Free Forever, the vast majority of smokers stated they would like to quit smoking. They would prefer not to smoke, but daily reach for another cigarette.

They burn away, because they are helpless in the face of addiction - so try to convince yourself that smoke because they like because cigarette gives them the opportunity  coping with stress out a way to boredom and facilitates social relations. Smoking is fast becoming an indispensable part of everyday life and it's hard to liberate him.

Every year many people attempting to quit smoking cigarettes.. However, in people throwing willpower method, the average time of abstinence is just 5 weeks, and after a year as much as 96% of them are back in nicotine trapped.

Why is it like that?

Addictive nature of smoking

Nicotine is officially classified by the World Health Organization as a drug causing addiction because it fulfills the most important criteria underlying the recognition of addictive substances, including no psychoactive effects (it affects brain) and causes the compulsion to use, despite the desire and repeated attempts to quit smoking.

Tobacco companies for decades use the addictive properties of nicotine. In addition, even enhance the effect by the addition of cigarettes include ammonia, which increases the concentration of nicotine in the smoke inhaled. It was only in 2014, after fourteen lawsuit, managed to enforce that four companies (Philip Morris USA, RJ Reynolds, Lorillard and Altria) officially apologized to consumers of tobacco products that for more than 50 years were lied to.

In the media published information that nicotine is addictive drug that causes changes in the brain; The companies deliberately manipulate the doses and methods of release of nicotine that cigarettes were the most addictive; There is no safe and healthy cigarettes, and the type of light does not in any way healthier; Every year more people die from smoking than from murder, AIDS, suicide, drug use, car crashes, and alcohol combined.

How to motivate a smoker to break the habit and break the chain of addiction?

World Day of Smoking Cessation could be an additional impulse to make a decision. However, a high probability of failure encourages smokers to ensure that such days rather steer clear of a wide berth. Fear of failure keeps in addiction, because each unsuccessful attempt causes stress and frustration. Without effective methods are unlikely to win. But having a tool it can be done easily and definitively.

The formula automatically reduce cravings Free Forever

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the only formula that deals with what the addiction to nicotine really significant: mental addiction. So far, we made a huge mistake not understanding how it works nicotine and unsuccessfully trying to treat the addiction like other addictions.

Meanwhile, therapy-day Free Forever working intensively on the mind of the smoker, because there are positive associations with smoking that if we are to get out of the habit needs to change. It removes the desire and the need to smoke. It allows you to automatically identify the mechanisms of addiction, which provoke a reflex of reaching for a cigarette.

This allows you to liquidate them and remain a non-smoker now. Without the frustration and stress. Without a sense of a loss of pleasure in life. This method makes the smoker feel relieved that I no longer need to burn.

Ex-smoker is freed, because not ruled by addiction, but also is excited and happy to be a non-smoker; It is not nervous and stressed because there is no craving; not long for cigarettes.


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