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Diet for cellulite

What helps for cellulite?

If you want to quickly get rid of orange peel, thanks to slightly change the food will improve your metabolism and this will be possible.

is a problem faced by the majority of women today. I does not matter the age, physical activity and the number of kilograms. Until recently, this disease was regarded only as a cosmetic defect, now we know that it is a disease of body fat, which arises as a result of, among others, metabolic disorders. Of course you can fight it.

Just enter in your diet change habits, and they will quickly get rid of orange peel:

That we eat

Vegetables, fruits that are rich in vitamin C - eg. peppers, citrus fruits, vitamin C seals the blood vessels, and also takes part in the reconstruction of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity.

Complex carbohydrates and raw - eg. brown rice, cereal, dark bread with grains, wholemeal pasta, these products contain a lot of valuable fiber, which regulates bowel movements, and also removes toxins.

Fish, lean veal, poultry, nuts, vegetable oils - are products that are rich in fatty acids. They improve metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fat and accelerate its combustion.

I did not eat

Fast food, processed products - this is rubbish, which are responsible for circulatory problems, as well as stay when toxins in the cells.

Sweets, sugar, white bread - these products are responsible for slowing down the metabolism and accelerate fat storage.

Coffee and salt - favor the retention of fluids in the body and this causes slow down the excretion of toxins from the body.

Remember that!

Body hydrated, drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day is best: mineral water, green and white tea, lemon juice, sage and chamomile.

Include in your diet vegetables, which are rich in potassium: eg. tomatoes, potatoes, beet leaves, it helps to remove excess water from the body.

Eat frequently onions and garlic contain ingredients that accelerate the burning of fat and removing it from the body.

Sample menu


Sandwich of wholemeal bread with a slice of smoked salmon, tomato and lettuce, a cup of green tea.

Half a cup of yogurt cups strawberries (can be frozen), tea with lemon balm or freshly squeezed orange juice with no added sugar.

Salad of celery root, Tuna in gravy (or poultry), corn, sunflower seeds, slice bread, graham, grapefruit juice.


Chicken breast with stewed onions, garlic and herbs, 4 tablespoons of buckwheat salad with cabbage and mandarin, green tea.

A plate of vegetable soup with beetroot, topped with lots of fresh herbs, white or green tea.


Salad with half of the pineapple with a handful of soy sprouts, 2 tablespoons nuts and small packaging plain yogurt, a glass of mineral water with the juice of one lemon squeezed.

Sandwich with wholemeal bread with cheese, tofu and cucumber, infusion of sage.


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