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Sources of zinc in diet

Zinc in food

When you lack zinc, your body worse cope with bacteria and viruses and more often then you fall to infections.

Warning! But there are also other signs of that you may be missing this element in the body: frosted hair that falls out, constant fatigue, brittle fingernails. Zinc deficiency sometimes accompanied by disturbances of smell and taste (signal is a metallic taste in the mouth or poorly you feel any flavor).

The best sources of zinc

Most of zinc include oysters, shrimp and clams, but shellfish are not yet a frequent guest on our tables. In a somewhat smaller quantities of zinc is also found in egg yolks, whole-wheat flour, liver, turkey, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

It also includes onions and cheese.

Warning! Enriching the diet with these foods, remember that zinc significantly impedes the absorption of sugar, alcohol, and copper (can be tap water). Zinc deficiency affects more often vegetarians, people on a diet as well as lovers of sweets. 

Zinc almonds

There are enough calories, so eat them in moderation. However, a dozen almonds watt consumed each day. 100 g of almonds is the source of 3.19 mg zinc.

Warning! It is good to combine them with pumpkin seeds, sunflower and dark chocolate.

Zinc buckwheat

Zinc deficiency is often associated with high levels of copper in the body. The more often you reach the buckwheat, wholemeal flour (bread, pasta), the better.

Warning! The RDA for zinc (6-9 mg) is not so easy to satisfy.

Zinc in pumpkin seeds and sunflower

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds can replace sweet snacks and chips.

Warning! Do not wash them in the pan, because although they become by it tastier and crisp, they lose a lot of valuable properties.

Zinc in beef and veal liver

Beef and veal liver, and the turkey is best absorbed sources of zinc. Like the heme iron (animal) absorbed in this embodiment is best.

Zinc green peas

Green peas and other legumes provide you with zinc. It is worth it to eat as little processed and cooked as briefly as possible, combine them with onions, cheese, tomato and egg yolk.


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