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Gastroscopy procedure

How does gastroscopy?

What is a gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy allows for a flexible endoscope to view the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.

It is performed usually in the event of difficulties in swallowing, heartburn (burning behind the breastbone), pain in the pit podsercowym and vomiting. During the study, you can download extracts from the suspect site, which is painless and helps further diagnosis.

Is gastroscopy is painful?

The test is performed in ambulatory patients. The flexible endoscope inserted through the mouth and esophagus to the stomach and the air is blown in order to better visualize the stomach wall which can cause discomfort, but does not cause pain or difficulty in breathing.

How to prepare for gastroscopy?

For 6-8 hours before the test should not eat or drink, because the stomach and duodenum must be empty.

Day gastroscopy

Warning! If gastroscopy is in the morning on the study, please do not eat or drink.

If the test is scheduled in the afternoon, the day of the test in the morning you can eat breakfast and drink, but last fluid can be drunk not later than 6-8 hours before the scheduled time of the study. In the event that you are taking such medications.

Because hypertension, ischemic heart disease, please take drugs in the early morning and drink a little water.

How does she gastroscopy and what is?

During endoscopy patient lying on her side. The flexible endoscope inserted through the mouth and esophagus to the duodenum.

During the test, air is blown in order to better visualize the stomach wall which can cause discomfort. The test takes about 5-15 minutes and is carried out in ambulatory patients.

Warning! Sometimes during the study are collected small pieces, which is painless. The results of histopathological examination are obtained after about 14 days.

When you can eat and drink after the test?

After successful endoscopy should not be for 2 hours to eat or drink, but you may immediately return to daily activities.


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