Biofeedback treatment

Biofeedback therapy - what is it?

Biofeedback is a method of exercise for the brain, which gives a chance to improve and increase the efficiency of the brain. Thanks supports (and accelerate) the process of learning and memory, increases concentration and reduces stress levels.

At the same time it creates great opportunities for the treatment of neurological, psychiatric, psychosomatic, and all that you see on your computer screen and record EEG.

The system is composed of two monitors, as well as the head EEG electrodes that are made for the head of a subject. The patient sits in a comfortable chair and watching a computer screen. The electrodes record the brain waves, enhanced by computer EEG device. It accelerates signal and provides the desired feedback.

At the same time waves are analyzed by neuroterapeutÄ™, who leads the training and sitting before a second monitor, sight is trained. Compression feedback tells you what brainwaves prevail at the time.

The advantages of biofeedback therapy

If we are subject biofeedback therapy, we see the course of their brain waves on a computer screen in the form of video games. We are guided solely by her own brain.

Earlier obtain accurate instruction, what is expected of us.

Eg:, if we are to help Sisyphus to roll a stone, it will know that its size depends on the level of stress and the degree of inclination up from concentration skills.

Points are scored for the desired activity of the brain, and so the image, where the stone is tiny, and the mountain turns into a nearly flat terrain. This will mean that biofeedback is going well and we are focused and eliminate stress.

Trained in this way the brain can cope well in difficult life situations.

Games that are played back on a computer usually last for approx. 3 minutes and, among others, once you have to play football and sometimes inflate balloons or maintain high balls on springs.

All you have to do only the power of thought, because in this way the brain learns to radiate the most desired frequency.

Biofeedback improves not only concentration, but also increases the speed of thought, creativity, improves memory, mood, self-esteem and sleep and relaxation while learning.

Increased activity, organize cooperation between the two hemispheres causes the mind to better, more creatively, we can learn without tension, no stress - much more efficiently.

Warning! The method is completely safe, enjoyable, and most importantly properly supervise her properly leading specialist and neuroterapeuta. It has no side effects.

When you can be useful biofeedback training?

If at least on one of the following ask you answer yes, it will mean that you should choose to visit the neurophysiologist and when it finds that record brain waves deviates from the norm, then there is nothing to worry about because the correct frequency ranges brain waves can be train.

1) Is a long time you're stressed?
2) Do you have problems with concentration or memory?
3) Do you often suffer from insomnia?
4) Can you been diagnosed with ADHD?
5) Do you suffer from depression?
6) Do you often are you anxiety?


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