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Yoyo diet

Yoyo effect of weight loss

Deciding to lose weight, we must work our a plan of action to implement it consistently every day, so that in effect, lose weight.

But generally it is known that the same slim, paradoxically, is not the most difficult. The hardest thing, when you reach your dream weight and maintain this state of affairs. How to cope after the diet former fatties or people suffering before in "certain" overweight? What you have to remember that diet was a real success?

Losing weight slowly

The most important truth, repeated ad nauseam by nutritionists and other specialists of "diets" is the principle to shed weight slowly. The safest and most lasting weight loss is one that occurs at a rate of 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week.

And so we read about diets day, fasting, cleansing diets ... There are diets that guarantee weight loss order of several kilograms per month.

It is worth considering the way, as it happens, with indication of the scale so fall?

The body, which so far have delivered huge amounts of food, big portions and meals volume of many thousands of calories a day, in the first reaction - shock - losing weight, on a headlong fall.

But when you start again, giving him a bigger portions (well, because how long can you hold out on lettuce and egg), the body experiences after the recent shock greedily starts to store what you can, as long just to prepare for the next, the potential period of famine and stores up to much.

Fat leaves on bad times, and the energy produced from readily available proteins. So a false impression of slim disappears, and we very quickly with a vengeance making up for lost weight. Is it worth so upset the body? Each of the next attempt will be less and less fettered.

Internet users also agree to this preferred have such a diet, which is not forced to compromise on any class of food products. Our bodies need protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats (fat-free does not happen symbiosis of protein, so all dairy products with zero grams of fat is simply water, passed through the digestive system, and we from such milk or kefir did not imbibe).

We must wisely use the whole of the food chain, eating lean meats (poultry without the skin, but also other red species), fish (especially marine, also greasy); Healthy carbohydrates as the main source of energy (dark bread, rice, pasta).

Everything is for people!

Warning! It should be remembered drinking 2-3 liters of water a day (yes, that not a few) - it's great moisturizes and cleanses the body. Do not kid yourself - obesity does not come from nowhere. You must reckon with the fact that whatever you eat, in some way by the body will be processed and assimilated. Since you only depends on whether it will be healthy, wisely chosen (to your silhouette, lifestyle, time of day) meal or hanger, which hangs in the fat cells for worse times. Gain weight from excess, it is no cheat.

We eat too much, too often and yet not dead after toby eat. Food has become a therapeutic agent, We eat sadness, stress, very easily consoled themselves with another chocolate. Internet users show that a lot of pleasure gives eg. Physical, introduced as an injection of positive energy throughout the day. Instead of reaching for the marshmallow, do some sit-ups. Physical exercise increases the release of endorphins, which naturally improves mood and self-satisfaction.

Not only it improves the mood, it's still strengthen muscles, and skin becomes elastic. Generally, the rule is to try not to think obsessively about diet, about eating. You just have to live, enjoy your everyday life, do not focus only on its carcass.

Weight loss will be both fun and effective if take care of themselves, their spirituality, personal development, work, family. We must work together comprehensively, otherwise we will override the carcass and eating us whole world. But is not the point ... And what about the relationship to eat after a slimming diet? One of the ladies very luck noticed that the fat man's food is like a drug for an addict like alcohol to an alcoholic.

Compulsive eating

Very quickly you can fall into the clutches of addiction - because food can be an addiction. There are people who completely abandoned, eg. with chocolate, because they are aware that when you reach for a little bit, do not repent and eat the whole plate. But there are others who do not feel the need to eat unhealthy meals.

They completely changed their approach to eating, they changed their entire philosophy of food. They eat healthily, because I like it, it needs their body, because lost the habit taste unhealthy foods.

How to achieve such a state?

Internet users argue that the best way to do this is to find such a method to slim down, which is not limited to a brief, several weeks or several months stage the reduction of body fat. The process of weight loss should be only a prelude to further, healthy eating rhythm. It is therefore very valuable are those diets that provide this phase of returning to normalcy or offer any long-term, permanent solution ... a new way of eating for life.

Warning! It is important to not only the composition of meals, their volume and quality of servings consumed, remember you have to follow the seasons of solid food. The body must be programmed to was somehow convinced that at a certain time always get another portion of energy, then they will not store unnecessary fat on the case "cut-off of supplies". Try to work out a schedule for the day on which you will always have those few minutes at the same time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eat often and little ...

And here another good tip leaner dormitories - "Edge often, but little," as was said centuries ago. And the reason - the key to healthy weight loss is to share the daily calorie intake for 4-5 small meals. Eat be about every three hours. Such a rhythm prevents hunger attacks and allows control over possible attacks of gluttony, which are often plagued attempting to lose weight and to not go further attempts to lean them up.

And the food at the latest at 18.00?

This is another myth. From the above reasons, you can not give up a late dinner if you do not go to bed with the chickens! I can not imagine dinner at 18, if I work until 2 am. The last light meal we eat about 3 hours before bedtime. So much time we give to the stomach to digest the dinner and thus may rest with us.

Everyone is looking for something different. One wants to lose weight on a diet, which requires a minimum commitment from him in the kitchen, the least purchasing and standing for hours over the stove. Someone else loves culinary experiment, discover new flavors and aromas, enjoy the new discoveries. One likes meat and live without it can not, the other would give his left nut for a decent salad every day.

It is important to find such a diet (and the choice is still huge), which we will be told in every respect, also in terms of our ability kitchen. The diet has to be-friction convenient part of everyday life, which becomes a neat, efficient tool to implement the plans. This diet has to serve us, and not require a huge revolt in the usual way of life.

It is worth remembering ...

Slow weight loss for even and regular slimming and does not affect drastically the condition of the skin, which is therefore time to adjust to a smaller size and do not sag, does not lose its firmness, is healthy and smooth. Let us help one to lose weight gymnastics, swimming, walks. Seek the advice of a trainer in a fitness club, vacuum steppers and bicycles. Let us learn from the storage spaces swimsuits and caps, and may zainwestujmy in nordic walking poles?

Just even a bottle filled with water as weights! Each season gives a different opportunity - to use them fully. There are different schools as the most effective form of movement. Among the comments collected you will find the voices of supporters of the morning exercise, but there are people who only have time in the afternoon to a little move.

And you may want to invite to the joint weight loss neighbor, husband, mom? There are people who thanks to the mutual mobilization much faster lose weight than with dieting alone. You have to try, look your way, you fight, after about themselves, their health ... Experiment! Evidence of respondents are lean, let them tell their story!

And a handful of small councils, saving of trouble: when a big hunger reach for an apple, water, carrots. Some minor setback is not a tragedy.

Do not despair after eating a candy bar or a pack of crisps. Get up and go on. Endow yourself at any time of simple pleasures: going to the cinema, ticket slag, the new brooch, nail polish. Before the meeting, a friendly try to "save" some calories. Opt out of the elevator, go a few stops instead of climb tram. Do not set up regular losing weight. While diet frequent downtime, when your body tries to fight and shed their excess weight quickly.

It is normal to have to wait such moments to a few dozen days again enjoy regular weight loss. If you must eat something sweet, choose fruit. With time, you learn to discover the sweetness of pear, tangerine, grapefruit. Assist with natural weight loss products - celery, pineapple, grapefruit.

Utilize these assumptions wisest individual diets, play with them creatively and lose weight! Do not fry in fat - definitely seal. Do not Zabiele cream - Taste in yoghurt. Sam bake meat for sandwiches, remove the fatty meats and sausages. Go to the supermarket - you know the taste of all vegetables fruit? It might be worthwhile to introduce some variety? Favorite dishes to prepare new scenes? Why not! Take care of yourself, it will pay off in the future a healthy long life.

To lose weight slowly ...

In order to lose weight slowly, you have to treat yourself drastic cuts calories. You can not starve yourself, give up on healthy fats, avoid meals. The diet should be rich in various nutrients, varied, attractive enough that consumed the food was easy to prepare, affect all the senses - syciƂo eyes and tempting smell. Eat small portions should, at fixed times.

Top spread yourself these few meals throughout the day so as to be able every day at a fixed hour for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. An important principle is to eat the last meal approx. 3 hours before bedtime. If you go to sleep at midnight, the last meal you can eat as much as 21.00 (!).

Many people eat 18.00. If you can stand without snacking in the evening, if relatively early go to bed - try to eat to 18.00, not really, but diet should fit into your individual mode of the day - so that its use was the least onerous.

To lose weight you do not need to be strong, you just have to think rationally ... The diet is not some fight, especially with himself. Diet is just common sense in the kitchen. This approach to weight loss guarantees expected so much success!

Good luck!


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