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Psoriasis on scalp

Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriatic lesions occur on the hands, legs, back or abdomen can be easily hidden under clothing. And what to do when the disease affects the scalp? Contrary to appearances ways to cope with psoriasis of the scalp is very much.

How to recognize psoriasis of the scalp?

Someone who never had diagnosed psoriasis and noticed at home changes on the scalp psoriasis may initially confused with dandruff. Just as with dandruff, head of the patient with psoriasis pouring down tiny white scales. But dandruff affects the whole head and psoriasis appear in clusters. They are much more extensive and you can sense them with your fingers (while dandruff in this way senses).

affects not only the skin under the hair, but there is also where the hairline ends - common to see psoriasis on her forehead and neck, as well as the ears. It also distinguishes this disease from dandruff. But to be sure that it was psoriasis is responsible for the changed appearance of the skin on the head, you need to consult a dermatologist who make a proper diagnosis.

How to treat psoriasis on the head?

To get rid of psoriasis of the scalp, you have to go through two stages: first remove the husk, which blocks the absorption of the drug into the skin and then apply the preparations so that the new scales will not increase. Patients with psoriasis also underline the great role moisturizing the skin - the more dry skin, the greater is its tendency to flaking.

The exfoliation is best to choose preparations with salicylic acid or urea, and dermocosmetics exfoliating which accelerate the regeneration of the skin and relieve itching. The skin cleaned of scales better absorbed, non-steroidal drugs, for example with tar ointments, or vitamin A and steroid ointments. The latter must be used with caution.

Usually they help for some time, make the hull disappear, but as soon odstawimy steroids - the skin condition is getting worse again. What's more - in some patients changes after discontinuation of steroids may be more intense than before using steroid treatment. Such side effects have however dermocosmetics, shampoos and skin regenerating prepared especially for scalp psoriasis.

Homemade solutions for psoriasis of the scalp

Patients with psoriasis know very well that what helps one patient may not always be effective in another. It is therefore important to try different, also home methods to get rid of scales and moisturizing the scalp.

Here are some of them:

Cider vinegar rubbed into the skin, - the rubbing must leave it for several hours, after which time scales should become soft and capable of being easily comb from the hair. Vinegar washes off with water.

The infusion of green tea - rubbed into the skin and left for the night makes the husk can be removed.

The mask of one egg or half a cube of yeast, a piece of lemon juice, two tablespoons of olive oil. Thus prepared mask must be rubbed into the scalp, then wrap your head with foil and leave for 2-3 hours.

For moisturizing the scalp, you can use coconut oil, and washing greasy ointments - giddy yolk.

When skin with psoriasis should also remember not to brush your hair too vigorously and to combing rather use brushes with natural bristles. Patients with psoriasis of the scalp should also avoid the dryer, and if they need to use it - the air flow should be maintained at a distance of 30 centimeters from the head. Hair dye need to choose products that are not composed of ammonia.

How to live with psoriasis of the scalp?

The challenge for each patient with psoriasis of the scalp is not only getting rid of the changes, but also to face the everyday, ordinary contacts with people. The disease, which can not be concealed, which is visible to the naked eye on the face, neck, ears, often negatively affects the self-esteem of patients.

Dr. Michael Tirant, a world-renowned expert on psoriasis and creator of Dr. Michaels preparations emphasizes that psoriasis is often the cause of depression in patients who can not come to terms with their appearance. In addition, the stress of contacts with people, even while riding the bus or during shopping, affects the deterioration of the skin.

To minimize the psychological discomfort associated with psoriasis of the scalp, it is worth using a few simple tricks:

· Wear bright clothes - you can not see them crumbling shells which are perfectly visible on the dark blouses.

· Wear long, loose hair - although they require more attention during care, and ointments with long hair more difficult to be rubbed, but for psoriasis on the head are not so visible.

· Wear a hat or scarf on his head and given to permanently headdress as part of his style.


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