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How can a teenager lose weight?

Healthy diets for teens

Computer, TV and a packet of crisps - so often imagine spending free time by teenagers.

Meanwhile, recent research on health and health behaviors of young people indicate that the real situation of young people is improving. What is the truth and what should parents do when their child is gaining weight?

According to the study HBSC proportion of young people with a diagnosis of overweight and obesity decreased in comparison with the results of the same survey four years ago. According to current analysis HBSC, overweight and obesity are present in 14.8% of the surveyed students, while in 2010 it was 17%.

Comparing data from two recent series of studies from the years 2010 and 2014, it was also found statistically significant differences in the level of youth physical activity: research indicates a 4% positive trend, ie increasing the proportion of young people fulfilling the recommendations of the World Health Organization physical activity.

At the same time, favorable changes were observed health behaviors including, inter alia more regular eating breakfast or frequent consumption of fruit and vegetables.

For the health condition of youth is largely responsible parents - it is they who form healthy habits, they know their child than anyone else and can react when the balance gets out of control.

Even the most loving and forgiving parent should not ignore the problem of obesity in their children. The question is how to do it wisely, without prejudice to the health and psyche of a young man.

Act at the source of the problem - common sense and empathy

Changes in body composition is part of a natural process in which children turn into mature men and women. It should be noted that at this time is not only developed a silhouette, but also the personality of the young man.

It is not difficult then for disorders caused by a lack of self-acceptance and body image disorder as anorexia or bulimia. Low calorie crash diets or use of resources, helps reduce body weight does not pose any solutions, on the contrary - could prove fatal.

Warning! To make the process of reaching a healthy weight proved to be a teenager trauma, should be implemented activities in accordance with his sensitive psyche and the energy needs of the developing body. Let us consider what is the problem and let us approach the subject with common sense, allowing body weight slowly returning to normal.

Instead of drastic weight loss - exercise and a balanced diet

In most cases, the cause of obesity is a high energy diet, and not enough movement. By making changes in these two aspects, start with yourself! Threads of persuading the teenager to balance your meals, if the parents is far from ideal. Apply a balanced diet, therefore, the whole family, so that the teenager does not feel inferior or excluded.

Importantly, balanced diet should mean reaching for articles from different food groups. Attempting to shut off the teenager from his favorite candy bar or a sweet drink to come to nothing, because the child does not withstand such a drastic change.

Instead, try to vary your diet, limit sweet or salty snacks and realize your child that if you allow yourself a moment of pleasure, will have her "work off" physically.

What does it mean? First of all, more traffic, in any form. Whether your child is interested in individual disciplines, ball games or martial arts -zachęcaj them to exercise and to spend as much time outdoors rather than in front of TV or computer.

Warning! Also affairs, to the extent possible, although one meal a teenager he was consumed in solitude, in front of a computer screen or a smartphone in hand, which is conducive to mindless eating. When everyone sits at the table and together celebrate the meal, the risk that we eat more than we should and we will fry between meals is less. Noting the process of eating and what we have on the plate, our brain much more quickly records the fact that we are replete.

The most effective is the method of small steps. Let the mind and the body to slowly adapt to the changing conditions to a healthier lifestyle slowly become a habit and not temporary, ad hoc way to get rid of the weight.

Finally, remember:

The highlight of the daily diet should be breakfast: is it a source of energy for the whole day! Each meal should include also vegetables or fruit, with a predominance of vegetables. Keep in mind that fruits should not get between meals.

Any form of exercise is healthy. Whether teenager is interested in dance, martial arts and will ride on the bike - we should support him in spending as much time to physical activity, rather than in front of TV or computer.


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