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Healthy meals for lunch at work

How to eat healthily at work?

The multitude of responsibilities, deadlines, ringing phones, we forget that we also work to eat healthily. The more that well-composed lunchbox not only silence the hunger, but also provide us with healthy energy - so much needed at work.

Regularity is the key

One of the most important rules of proper nutrition is the regularity of meals. Lunch should eat no more than 3-4 hours after breakfast. If the job is waiting for you enormity of responsibilities, it's easy to miss the time when we should dine. Helpful in this application can Healthy Appetite, which recalls the hours eating and drinking water. Equally important is our motivation and proper preparation. It is worth spending some time in the evening, at home, to prepare a nutritious meal or at least a good look at the offer canteens in our workplace.

What to choose?

An excellent choice meal at work can be a salad, soup or sandwich. But the key to success is their ingredients. The most important element of our meal should be products consisting of complex carbohydrates, like whole grain bread, cereal, wholemeal pasta, oatmeal or nuts - these give us energy, and complement deficiency of magnesium, which may arise as a result of stress (ao this work yet it is not difficult) .Pamiętajmy of fruit - is a source of vitamins and dietary fiber necessary for better peristalsis. We also recommend dairy products - rich in calcium, such as yogurt and kefir, which beneficially affect our flora.

Salads - a quick and healthy idea to work

A good option is a salad - you can prepare it the day before, it does not require too much work or reheating. And above all, do not allow us to culinary boredom - ideas for healthy salads is yet so much. Which to choose? We recommend compositions of barley cereal or pasta from whole grains, vegetables and turkey slices, sprinkled with parsley. Parsley is a trifle, but very valuable - rich in calcium and vitamin C. Turkey is a source of wholesome nutritious protein, while porridge contains beta-glucans, a beneficial effect on immunity of our body and vitamin B. Voilà! Here's a great combination for a challenging day at work.

Do not forget about sandwiches

A simple and the well-known proposition sandwiches with vegetables, egg, a slice of lean ham or cheese (which is a source of calcium). Remember that the best bread with whole-wheat flour. Be sure to let us add to our sandwiches vegetables - cucumber, peppers, lettuce. What else? Suppose your imagination - sandwich does not have to be boring. Let's use the example too fresh ingredients. Herbs, so that the food would be more appetizing.

Remember - Your body needs water

Even if you do not feel a strong desire, your body needs water, so you can not forget about it. In the end, consists of up to 70% of the water and why it is so important is its regular replenishment during the day. Healthy Appetite install the application on your phone and it will remind you of the obligatory glass of water.

How to fight willingly for sweets?

Who among us does not know? Suddenly intrudes us so great craving for something sweet that we can not resist. This is because it falls to us sugar in the body. But it is worth to fight the temptation in the form of chocolate bars and candy, and instead reach for the fruit. Fruits are especially good in those moments when we feel that our sugar drops and you feel like something sweet. It should then have at hand, for example apple. In contrast, when we are caught the first famine, great meet him a dairy product, which is also a good source of calcium, protein, and probiotics - regulating intestinal function.

Healthy way to improve concentration and reduce stress

Work is often mental effort. Rather than reaching energy drinks, you'd better look for natural healthy options. Products that improve the ability to think are those which give energy and containing magnesium - eg. The almonds, as well as lecithin, as well known to us eggs (positively affect the nervous system, as well as concentration and brain function). Eggs are an excellent ingredient for sandwiches and salads. In situations of stress, but about the work very easily, reach for almonds, buckwheat or cocoa - is an excellent source of magnesium!

Banana, in turn, is a real energetics. It contains easily digested sugars, giving a boost strength. They also contain potassium and magnesium, which are responsible for nerve conduction. Note - valuable advice for coffee lovers. If you drink a lot of coffee, also reaching for the bananas to complement lost and washed away by a coffee minerals.


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