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Why do we need fiber?

Why do you need fiber in your diet?

More and more people guided by the principles of healthy eating. Under the motto "you are what you eat", want to be aware of the ingredients and nutritional value of each product.

A popular and often recommended for good performance of the body part of your diet is fiber. About this - how important task fulfills in our body and how to enrich the daily meals for extra nutrients you will learn from this article.

For most people who are interested in healthy eating, fiber still remains a mystery.

As easiest way to explain what exactly is fiber?

Dietary fiber is a complex substance (plant polysaccharides and lignins) which are resistant to digestive enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract. These substances are derived from the cell walls of plants. Dietary fiber is also commonly referred to as fiber tract.

The main components of dietary fiber

These are the elements of the plant is not digested and not absorbed in the human digestive tract. These include: cellulose, lignin, and pectin hemiceleuzy. All of these substances are important and help to healthy work of the body.

The most famous feature of fiber is its beneficial effects on the digestive system.

What exactly does fiber good for our health?

First normalize intestinal function, it helps with digestive problems and constipation. It facilitates regular bowel movements. Also binds bile acids in the intestine and thereby reduces the level of cholesterol. Fiber helps prevent atherosclerosis. The diet of people with diabetic problems should be rich in dietary fiber, because it slows the absorption of glucose.

Still, it did not mention the most important activities of fiber for all those who want to stay slim.

This component has recently become very popular due to its characteristics supporting weight loss. On the one hand perfectly accelerates metabolism, and improves bowel function. On the other increasing the volume of food, suppresses the feeling of hunger.

Warning! It is worth mentioning that helps in cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals. That is why it is worth thinking all the time about what we eat, take care of it hopefully our diet was rich in dietary fiber, not only when we want to get rid of excess weight.

Healthy eating is usually associated with a large dose consumed fruits and vegetables.

Is to supplement our diet by so-called. dietary fiber should be guided by the same principle?

So, the long and rich list of ingredients contained in vegetables and fruits include fiber. It is best if we eat them in raw form and with the skin, because we'll find him most. Equally rich is the main source of dietary fiber grain products such as brown bread, cereal, brown rice or muesli.

Currently in stores you can also find many products enriched with fiber, so you do not need to take extra supplements.


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