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Standard blood cholesterol

Examination of blood cholesterol

If you want to measure your cholesterol, it will be necessary for the blood test. This is best done in the clinic, but you can buy at a pharmacy a special test to do at home (eg Cholesterol Test).
Remember! If the result is disturbing, it is essential to consult your doctor who will order additional tests you.

Regular screening

The completion of 45 years, you can check your cholesterol once every three years, and when above this age, it is controlled it once a year.

Remember! Normal levels of cholesterol in the blood should not be more than 200 mg / dL. If someone in the family had atherosclerosis, or if you suffer from high blood pressure or you are overweight, then follow the measurement of cholesterol at least once a year.

The level of good cholesterol (HDL)

Good cholesterol (HDL) neutralizes the effect of the bad (LDL) cholesterol and protects us against atherosclerosis and heart disease.

     Remember! HDL ratio should be higher than 40 mg / dL.
Caution! Cholesterol test should be performed on an empty stomach. The last meal before an early measurement should eat the day before, about 18.00.

Diet on cholesterol

When cholesterol levels close to the upper limit, then the best solution is then changing your diet.

Remember! Most often after only three months of the new diet test results are improving.
With your diet should exclude fatty meats, organ meats, sausages. You have to avoid lard, butter and egg yolks. He gives up the junk food, sweets and crisps, because they contain trans fats in the form, and they cause an increase in LDL cholesterol and increase blood sugar levels.

Instead of fried foods Eat right traditionally boiled or steamed, stewed or baked in foil. You have to watch the fruits that contain lots of vitamins though, are a source of sugar.

Butter should be replaced with a soft margarine, preferably one that contains plant sterols, cholesterol lowering. The breakfast should eat porridge, which is a source of fiber.

If you want to eat meat, eat it to the portion of vegetables, as found in these pectin hinder the absorption of fats. Eat pepper, parsley, cabbage, because they are a rich source of vitamin C, and it seals the walls of the arteries and prevents the formation of fat on them.

Caution! Supplements can assist in the pharmacy (e.g. capsules of evening primrose oil, which lowers cholesterol).

Treatment of High Cholesterol

When a blood test clearly shows that you have high cholesterol, then you will need treatment under medical supervision.

Remember! Do not wait to see a doctor, because poor results may be indicative of disease, such as atherosclerosis.
To reduce the very high cholesterol diet is usually sufficient, but sometimes it is necessary to take medicine that inhibit the activity of enzymes that are needed to produce it. Internist establish a treatment regimen based on the test results, because the disease has no specific symptoms.

How to help treat?

The treatment recommended by your doctor will be successful when it will aid and enter some additional rules that will improve the condition of your body and make it faster to get back in good shape.

How to lose weight?

Remember! The loss of even 3-4 extra pounds causes a significant decrease in blood cholesterol.
We must also give up alcohol because it is calorie, and this contributes to weight gain. If you smoke, be sure to throw this habit, because they weaken the walls of blood vessels and lower levels of good cholesterol.

It is practice, because movement helps maintain the balance between good and bad cholesterol and contributes to weight reduction. No need to push, just 30 minutes of exercise a day:

     step walk fast or swimming.

Prior to the commencement of such activity, consult your doctor.


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