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How to effectively carry out cleansing of the liver?

Effective cleansing of the liver

Cleansing the liver has its strong fundamentals, especially when conducting an active lifestyle. Living intensely do not always have time for regular sleep and relaxation, often our meals are not wholesome - all of which impact on the functioning of the liver.

The disorder of her work can lead to serious health consequences - obesity, cirrhosis of the liver, inflammation and many others.

Are there effective ways of cleansing the liver and improve its function?

What is proposed medicine?

• proper diet - consisting mainly of vegetables, fruits and products with lots of fiber. This component will allow you to adjust the bowel and liver,

• daily intake plenty of fluids - mineral water or filtered to help cleanse the liver. The body should be irrigated with small amounts of water several times a day,

• the use of herbal supplements: teas, infusions and capsules - natural ingredients allow for a gradual regeneration of tissues and cells, additionally acting disinfectant and strengthening. The plants will be happy to use in diseases of the liver uses milk thistle, birch bark and dandelion, to help in the treatment of liver,

• reduce intake of sugars and animal fats - their high concentration may not only lead to liver damage, ae well as the cardiovascular system.

Liver cleansing and fasting

The hunger strike is recommended a few times a year - its advantages are rapid cleansing of the liver and other key organs. The hunger strike should last 1-2 days, we should also contact your doctor to determine whether there are contraindications to carry it out.

The hunger strike is to receive only the spring or filtered water. The water will help remove any toxins from the body, and without the burden of liver improve its functionality. Liver Cleansing and fasting can help by taking herbal supplements of milk thistle or dandelion.


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