The use of milk thistle

How to use milk thistle?

Want to do something good for your liver? This change in my life a couple of things. Are protecting your largest organ using prophylactic milk thistle seed - preferably freshly ground.

What else will soothe your liver?

Everything you eat and drink, it affects your health. Lifestyle, how you drive determines how you feel and what condition is your body and individual organs.

A very good example is the liver. He's doing it to keep up with over 500 functions as well as five thousand. chemical reactions a day (!) produces, filters, processes, stores, detoxifies .... Phew ... and therefore it is no wonder that in the end may begin to fail. Bloating after eating a meal, nausea, feeling of fullness or permanent bad mood - it may be giving you signals early sign of serious illness largest organ.

Caution! More serious symptoms appear later, when the liver is already badly damaged, and the only solution is a transplant. While it is too late - act ...

Change and prevent

The easiest way to change what has the greatest impact, or diet, if you smoke, you will want to quit, and drink alcohol occasionally. A similar principle applies to drugs and enjoyed them only as a last resort, as briefly as possible. Also important are the control tests (eg, ultrasound of the abdomen), because through it you can detect pathological changes in the liver at an early stage.

How to increase the protection of the liver?

It should reach the plants with therapeutic effect, such as the milk thistle, which contains silymarin. It has a very positive effect on the body and has a very multi-functional operation. First of all, reduces or eliminates many adverse conditions and diseases of various organs, including the liver and gall bladder.

This complex compounds (flavonolignans), which protect hepatocytes (liver cells), protecting them from damage. This is done by stabilizing the membrane (envelope), and prevent mixing of the toxins from the cell surface. Flavonolignans improve the functioning of the body and its ability to support regeneration by increasing protein synthesis. Silymarin accelerates the removal of toxins from the body, as can be seen by performing tests of liver enzymes (eg, AST, ALT, GGT).

Fresh milk thistle has the power

Milk thistle is available in various forms, such as oil, tinctures, leaves and grains.

Caution! The most convenient is the use of milk thistle seeds. You can chew, grind in a grinder and add to soups, granola or other food or drink when mixed with buttermilk or flooded with water as a suspension. You can also eat dry powder and liquid drink it.
When should it be done?

Any special guidelines for the use of milk thistle does not exist - the product is consumed at any time, before or after the meal.

Caution! Avoid pouring boiling milk thistle, silymarin because then you can be neutralized and becomes worthless (the same goes for lemon juice and honey, which is not added to freshly brewed tea, just waiting until slightly cool).

Why milled milk thistle?

Three reasons:

     The ground seeds of milk thistle are faster and better absorbed by the body;

     You will not have to bother with figuring beads, (a certain group of people can be an embarrassing or painful due to the lack of teeth, gum disease;

     Freshly ground milk thistle does not lose its healing properties. It is therefore best to buy the whole seeds and crushed in a grinder isolated quantity needed for several days - no more, as three months after its disintegration it loses biological activity.

Milk thistle can be used long term, because it does not cause side effects, does not interact. This makes it an excellent choice for convalescents after damage, inflammation and chronic viral infections, steatosis or cirrhosis.

It will also help to alleviate the undesirable effects associated with taking drugs.

Milk thistle certainly soothe your liver to its freshness and naturalness. Find out! ... And let you head on the liver does not hurt;)


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