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How to lose weight effectively

Weight Loss Secrets from TV trainer

Today arrayed collection of tips from Chris Powell, a famous American fitness trainer occurring mostly on TV.
Chris reveals the secrets of weight loss, which introduces the lives of their mentees in the program:

1 Start each day with a promise to himself. Save to your scrapbook or recite in front of the mirror

"The program starts with the promise that we will move vigorously five minutes a day. Does not matter much what kind of traffic. At this point, it's not because of exercise, but the promise - and that is to make her keep. If you do this, you can achieve whatever you want. This is an important first step. "

2 Drink more water for one liter daily

"Players in our program, they drink a LOT of water. This condition is non-negotiable. It helps a little to cleanse the body, speed up the metabolism. Especially if the person had not drank pure water, only tea, coffee and other beverages. "

3 Discard the sugar in one meal
"To lose weight, you do not need to immediately make the transition to the current lifestyles. Very small, small changes made ​​over time. Sweets make, so as with cigarettes: one day less. "

4 Give up sodas, always eat breakfast and take a moment each day to move

"It's all small, small changes, but the next change in the diet, are of great importance. Re: no need to change everything at once. The human body needs time to adjust to new habits. In addition, better to make small changes that we are able to maintain, than great that we finally collapse. "

5 Do not eat anything that has the partially hydrogenated oils listed in the composition of

"This food has no nutritional value. If you can find them in stock at the label should light up the red light saying 'DO NOT EAT'. These types of products only clog our arteries. "

6 Watch your portion size

"Instead of three monstrous meals, I recommend five smaller ones. This helps to reduce your appetite and maintain proper blood sugar levels. "

7 Respect your word more than excuses

"Losing weight is largely an emotional act. During casting, we spend a week with the people to decide who may enter the program and begin your adventure under our wings. We are looking for those who can stick to the time the decisions - people who are victims of their own excuses. The approach is important in achieving success. "

On another occasion, Chris spoke about the importance of diet, which is a key link in weight loss.

"Products that contain a lot of fiber can greatly speed your slim figure. Fiber helps cleanse because the body of toxins and residual intestinal reflux, which may be even a few pounds. "


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