Liver cleansing beet

Beets cleanse the liver

Beets cleanse the liver very well. Try it out, and especially if for some reason you can not use other cleaning treatments.

Beetroot is a very versatile product. Contains fiber and organic acids, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, increases peristalsis. It contains a variety of vitamins and iron. It haematological.

It is recommended to go with anemia (anemia), atherosclerosis (the accompanying cardiovascular disorders), obesity, aging body.

The beet can say a lot of good, but let's concentrate on its beneficial influence on the purification of the liver.

     Caution! The day that you schedule a cleaning Eat apples, and if possible follow a vegetarian diet. The menu exclude flour, bakery products, sweets, pasta ...

How to cook beetroot broth to cleanse the liver?

To prepare beet beet broth you will need to size a man's fist or two women. In general, it should be a medium size beet.
Caution! Do not peel beets.

Thoroughly wash it and cut the tail. Beet put into the pot and pour 1 liter of water there. With the tube weigh the water level and select it. Then pour in another 2 liters of water and bring to a boil. Cook this until the water boils out completely to the pre-selected level.

Remove the pan from the heat, remove the sugar, let it cool (5 minutes) and wipe it off quickly on the grater to the same water. Bring back to a boil. Cook for 20 minutes.

Beet pulp then remove from heat, pour 200 g of a glass and drink it.

Usually, all it takes three hours. For example, you get up at 6 am and 9 o'clock drink first portion of this healthy beverage.

If you do not like to get up early, you can prepare the broth in the late evening and go to bed. Get up in the morning and drink a serving of prepared drink.

The remaining broth leave to cool, then wring out the cold beet pulp. The resulting broth divide into 3 parts (usually goes 200-250 g) and eat every 3-4 hours.

Caution! After each portion of broth beet drunk put a hot water bottle in the vicinity of the liver and relax.

Effects on liver beet broth

After purification, the liver becomes soft. Other methods of purification of the liver (eg, oil and lemon) to make all impurities are removed in the feces, while beet soup removes dirt in the urine and it is softer cleansing the liver.

Caution! If the broth you urinating more frequently, this means that the draft worked.
The next day you will feel lightness in the right side. Do not worry. It's not bad, but you have to remember to use beet soup with moderation and strictly adhere to the regimen.

Caution! Absolutely can not drink the broth at a time, be patient, and you will certainly be pleased with the results of the treatment.
This cleansing of the liver should be performed once or twice a year as they clean the intestines.

Beet acid cleansing the liver

For its preparation you will need three medium-sized fresh beets.

Rinse thoroughly, cut into small cubes and place in a 3 liter jar. Add two tablespoons of white flour and 500 grams of sugar. Close the jar lid jars and leave to infuse in a dark place at room temperature for two days.

Twice a day, mix the contents of the jar.

Next, add a jar 700 g raisins, 4 cups sugar, 1/2 cup of water and leave to ferment for a week again. Strain After this time, a total of 1 liter beet come acid.

And to make the liver cleansing treatment, you will need 3 liters of acid beet.

Eat a spoonful of table three times a day half an hour before eating. Keep doing this until you finish the three-liter supply of acid.

After three months of rest you can perform repeated treatment. Practitioners say that within a year the liver completely cleans and rebuilds.

Contraindications: gallstones.


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