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What to eat instead of meat?

How to replace meat?

Human demand for food is dependent on age, metabolism, and lifestyle. More energy (food) needs a person who is practicing sport regularly than a person who is a family man.

The human body to function normally need water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Where to find protein?

Man to produce the protein needs as many as 22 amino acids, but our body can not synthesize eight of them. Therefore, they should be supplied in the diet.

The best, complete source are eggs. As for the grain, they are deficient in amino acids such as tryptophan and lysine, and leguminous plants lacking metioniny.Tak soy so you can replace eggs and cereal products combine with dairy.

Replenish shortages

People who give up eating meat, are exposed to a lack of vitamin B12 and iron. Iron, which is located in plants is less digestible. Therefore, you need to deliver it more. Improves iron absorption vitamin C. Iron can be found in cereals, beans pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, as well as in nuts and almonds.

As for vitamin B12, it occurs in small amounts in yeast food and nori seaweed.

Need water

Water makes up 70% of an adult. Without it impossible to have any physiological processes, filtering and cleansing the body. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

Olive oil and other fats

As for fats to the diet should be high in vegetable fats. They contain vitamins A and E, as well as numerous fatty acids. Fats these guys can not produce, and they are necessary for the production of such hormones.

Take care of your bones and intestines

The diet should be enriched with milk and its products. They provide the best available calcium. Buttermilk and yogurt provide lactobacilli, it regulates the intestines work.

Eat raw and variously

Such nutrition is quite difficult at the beginning. Nutritionists say that in the first month of the menu should consist of at least 60 different positions. If enrich their menu, the risk of shortages of essential nutrients will be minimal.

Cooking also destroys vitamin products, so you have to remember that. So eat raw vegetables and fruits, drink juices.


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