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Treatment of gallstones

How to treat gallstones?

Cholelithiasis is a disease that may not manifest pain. People who know that they suffer from this condition should eat regularly, do not use starvation and dramatic weight loss diets.

It should also reduce the fat (lard) and products that are high in fat (such as cheese). If there is biliary colic, gallstones are best removed by surgery - laparoscopic, because this method is less invasive than the traditional, and the patient recover faster.

Currently not apply to dissolve gallstones or breaking a shock wave due to the low efficiency.

How to avoid gallstones?

It is an hour every morning before breakfast drink a glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed. Do not drink strong coffee, and especially on an empty stomach.

The diet should include whole-grain breads, brown rice and porridge.

It is worth every day to eat vegetables and fruits, especially grapes and grapefruit. Add olive oil to salads and eat nuts (a few pieces a day), because they contain unsaturated fatty acids.

Recommended products for diseases of the liver and biliary

Almonds - recommended for people who suffer from biliary tract disease, because they contain a lot of vitamin E, and she dissolves stones in the bile ducts.

Broccoli - fully regenerate the liver, and the reason is because they contain a lot of vitamin C. They are also a source of flavonoids - a chemical anti-cancer properties.

Carrots - works detoxicating, regenerates and improves peristalsis. Beta-carotene contained in carrots is converted by the body into vitamin A and thus that they are a lot of carrots, no need to take preparations containing vitamin A (the excess may be deposited in the liver).

Beans - it contains large quantities of insoluble fiber, which removes excess bile acids and cholesterol and prevents the formation of gallstones.

Honey - it's worth it to replace sugar, liver likes the low-sugar jams, compotes and jellies.

For this we need to add the beets, apples, grapefruit juice, which dissolve deposits in the bile ducts.

Herbal infusions

Infusion of St. John's Wort - is choleretic and facilitates the digestion of fats. Similarly, thyme and chamomile.

Fennel - brew has undertaken to facilitate digestion, soothes the stomach ulcers, liver and reduces colic.

Mint - works wiatropędnie, relieves flatulence and regulates digestion.

People with liver problems should be at least two weeks to give up alcohol, so that it can rest and recuperate.


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