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What lowers blood sugar?

How to naturally lower blood sugar?

If your doctor told you that you have raised sugar, it does not mean diabetes, but .....

You have to change your habits, mainly eating, because what you eat has a big impact on blood sugar levels.

Here is your three commandments

Are indicated:

     baked or cooked lean meat and oily fish, vegetables in any form, raw or cooked.

Instead of cream to use yogurt cucumber salad.

     Caution! We strongly reject sweets, white flour, sweet juices and nectars and saturated fats.

It should also lose weight, because that's what it is the factor of greatest risk of developing diabetes. You can not forget about the traffic. It could be swimming, dancing, cycling, walking or calisthenics.

It is important that when you start, lasting at least 30 minutes.

In addition, in the fight against high blood sugar too can take advantage of the beneficial power of nature ...

Bet on a diet

Fiber - will be your ally, not only when you want to lose weight.

Its very important advantage is that it reduces the absorption of dietary sugar. You will find it in fruits, vegetables, bran, and dark breads and pastas.

Apples - eat two a day will help normalize blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Beans - is built from complex carbohydrates - does not cause sudden increases in blood sugar after a meal. Its pods lower blood sugar levels.

Soybeans and peanuts - according to researchers at the University of Toronto, the lowest increase in blood sugar levels cause peanuts and soybeans.

So if you desire giftbox for a snack, reach just get them.

Fenugreek - next your ally. It replaces the food, because it reduces sugar absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

To exclude from your diet

Completely unsubscribe from:

     sweets, yoghurt and fruit drinks with added sugar (soda, juices).

Remove fat from the diet of meat, sausages, butter, fatty cream, milk, cheeses and mold.

Quit eating: banana, grapes, dried and candied fruits.

Refrain from eating vegetables that are rich in starch:

     Bob, corn, potatoes, peas.

Do not drink alcohol.

Herbs for lowering blood sugar

Preparation of infusion:

Spoon the mixture prepared from the leaves of bilberry, dandelion and nettle root pour a glass of water and cook for 3-5 minutes.

Dosage: drink after half a glass several times a day before meals.


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