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Gallstones - where they come from and how to stop them?


Here is a fact about which the doctors do not tell you: improve the liver function and stop creating new gallstones.

You see, it is the liver 's bile factory of poor quality, which precipitated the stones. Saying ' bad quality bile ' I mean a disturbed bile composition. Just disparity arises between the quantity of bile acids and cholesterol.

In a healthy person, bile acids represent 75 % of the total composition of the bile cholesterol and the rest are other components. If these acids is less, it comes to the advantages of cholesterol. Then it is easy to precipitate crystals of cholesterol, of which further form stones.

The best part is that they know about the doctors. They know that proper prevention, that is due to changes in the way food (which by the liver was lighter ), you can STOP precipitation stones.

Hmm ... if so, now that you all know , why do not recommend prophylaxis? Let's face it: where's interest in preventing? What would do if a surgeon?

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing to physicians. ( Neither surgeons. ) Thank God for the fact that they are. Save lives in critical situations. They bring relief when nothing else will. Just worried that the emphasis on attacking IMPACT ... and zero interest causes. Thinking that when I remove the cause, the effect goes away. So why wait until you will reach for the scalpel and strong medication?

Again, let's go to reason: the stones are formed by a weakened liver. When the state is muddled (inflammation, steatosis, cirrhosis, drug-induced damage, and these pe), secretes bile poor quality. Specifically bile that is too thick , which is formed from the pebbles . What happens to them? Clog the gall bladder .

Since Homo sapiens is a wise man, it is not difficult to conclude: improving liver function, restrain the precipitation of new gallstones. And it is the best in the Sun way to stop them. Improving liver.

In nature there is no other so salutary plants like Milk Thistl .

Citing the father of homeopathy , Dr. Eugene B. Nash:

    " Milk is called a tonic for the liver , whose effects have already seen many times. I know cases where fought colic caused by gallstones and prevent their further formation .

    " In one such case , the patient , who could not lie down , sit in a chair for 48 hours , during which expelled with each other over 200 gallstones - very hard ."

So maybe it is worth to try?

Contained in milk thistle, silymarin sealing membrane of hepatocytes - cells secreting bile - which prevents the penetration into the interior of toxins, such as alcohol, drugs or ingredients harmful pesticides. As a result, healthy cells secrete bile healthy, with normal composition, which does not have the right to knock the stones.



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