Psoriasis of the liver

Milk thistle also helps with psoriasis

People with psoriasis should correct the malfunction of the liver. It is described that silymarin may help in the treatment of psoriasis, which may result from its ability to inhibit leukotriene synthesis and improvement of liver function.

The relationship between the liver and psoriasis relates to one of the main tasks of this organ - blood filtration . It was found that psoriasis is associated with high levels of endotoxin in the blood stream , such as endotoxins, which are present in the cell walls of the intestinal bacteria.

    Caution! Psoriasis is considerably reduced in case of overload the liver by a greater amount of endotoxin, chemical toxins or impair your ability to filter and detoxify the liver.

Another symptom of psoriasis is excessive production of leukotrienes.

It has been shown that silymarin reduces their production by inhibiting lipoxygenase, and for that reason it can inhibit one of the factors excessive cell replication.

Silymarin also offers other benefits that may be valuable for patients with psoriasis. In the majority of these are associated with correcting an abnormal level of cAMP and cGMP ratios observed in the skin of patients with psoriasis. Ratio of these two factors responsible for the control of the control cell replication. In psoriasis, the level of cGMP is proportionally higher compared to the levels of cAMP. Silymarin reduces the level of cGMP, and increases the level of cAMP.

Due to the ability to raise the silymarin glutathione in the liver, are greatly enhanced antioxidant systems. Glutathione is used in the body to produce glutathione peroxidase - enzyme strongest protection against free radicals. Flavonoids contained in milk thistle also act directly antioxidant.

Milk thistle has anti-inflammatory effects due to the inhibition of leukotrienes, enhancing antioxidant enzyme systems, as well as the removal of these toxins that initiate inflammatory responses.

Choose only those preparations that contain no processed fresh milk thistle. Only then will you get the full potency of the herbs, without any loss of any of its active ingredients.


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