Liver detoxifier

How to detoxify the liver

Did you know that 25% of the liver after removal you will grow back? Not reassuring, however, too soon.

You also need to know that your liver can be seriously damaged if you force me to over-exertion, which will be called:

     alcohol abuse;

     fat and hard to digest food;

     excessive consumption of refined starch products;

     excessive consumption of sugar;


     poisoning, infections.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver is one of the five principal organs of the human body. This is the central organ of purifying blood and processed food, and the largest gland in the body.

And that is able to regenerate itself.

Oily and congested liver health you will not add ...

This strong and persistent organ. But by the time ...

So take care of your liver, because it may:

     subject steatosis;

     be congested,

and the effect of its functions will be impaired.

Can cleansing the liver?

It cleanse your liver, because it will strengthen the cells and thus will work efficiently and without much effort.

It is a preparatory study to detoxify the whole body, because it is the liver is responsible for the chemical processes of removing harmful pollutants accumulating in our bodies.

You can try one of the few effective ways to cleanse the liver, namely: 

It can cure birch juice?

Drinking fresh juice birch should take 2 to 3 weeks, and the optimal dose will be 3 glasses a day.

Treatment is best done in the spring, because it's natural, cyclical time letting go of the birch juice.

Birch juice not only effectively cleanses the liver. Works also beneficial to the skin.

It can cure wheat?

It is a treatment that cleanses the liver strong.

The duration of not less than 12 days.

During its duration eaten only cooked without salt grain of wheat. You can eat just cooked wheat to your heart's content, because there is no limit.

     Caution! It should be long and chew thoroughly.

Additionally, during the course of treatment should you drink wheat birch juice and tea with fresh parsley.

     Caution! After this treatment should gradually return to eating beginning with groats and vegetables.

It can cure pine or spruce needles?

Prepare decoction: take a 5 tablespoons pine or spruce needles, finely cut and flooded half liter of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes over low heat.

Strain and pour into a thermos.

Dosage: decoction to drink in small sips throughout the day at any time.

     Caution! Every day fresh decoction should be doing.

During the treatment needles urine is cloudy and colored in different colors. It shall be terminated when the urine returns to normal color.

Vegetable juices can cure?

 Here is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach the following mixture of vegetable juices (to be with the right amount of vegetables squeeze the juice)

     I set: 300 g carrots, 90 g of fresh cucumber, 90 g sugar;
     The second set, 270 g carrots, 130 g celery, 60 g of parsley.

     Caution! Treatment of liver clearance everybody is different and so some people will bring very good results, and some - unfortunately barely noticeable, but you can not worry about it, because everyone's body is different and you just have to then use another method of cleansing the liver. Certainly any in the end will result.

It should also be borne in mind that the purified, healthy liver, it is also a healthy heart, pancreas and kidneys, because when the liver is clogged with deposits of cholesterol and toxic, then acts on these vital organs destructive.


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