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The main reason for the formation of gallstones

Why are gallstones formed?

Most of us eat after 18 ...

Most of us eat large meals after 18 ...

Do you also belong to this group? Or maybe you do it regularly?

     Caution! After one hour, 18 secretion of bile and digestive enzymes are too low to rich and stodgy food is digested.

A undigested food rotting in the intestines. Absorbed into the blood toxins poison the whole body and a burden the liver. The effects are similar to overeat.

When the liver is impaired, then the bile is impaired (reduced bile salts), and this causes the formation of gallstones in the liver. Liver and bile ducts specifically is blocked, and no fewer releases bile, and one that is secreted is stagnation.

This makes it easier to create the next gallstones, and they're getting faster clogged bile ducts.

We are known for saying like: Do not eat too late! Do not eat in the evening! Do not eat at night!

But the only known. Because I usually do not convince anyone such vague platitudes.

Why eating at night is unhealthy?

Remember! Food plentiful and heavy meal after 18-th is the main cause of the risk of liver and therefore you should not eat in the evening.

Now you know and now you have the full awareness and take full responsibility for it.

If you still think you do not have stones in the liver, because I've never eaten in the evening, accept my congratulations otherwise see for yourself what to do to get rid of them.

How to prevent stones in the liver?

If you would like your liver is not to set aside the stones, then follow this one simple recommendation:

Do not overeat!

Too big meals make the bile is impaired (such as the liver produces too much cholesterol), and the body secretes a relatively too little of digestive enzymes to digest excess food which is not really needed him.

     Remember! This undigested food spoilage is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that digest it in their own way and poison your digestive system huge amounts of toxins that seep into the blood, and of the body is poisoned.

Where here you can talk about health?

How much food you put in your stomach, so food has good digestion and assimilation?

For the digestion of nutrients are needed digestive enzymes that are secreted in the form of so-called. digestive juices.

How many do you need?

Volume quarter to three quarters of food.

How can we eat food (up) to our body a chance to digest it well?

     Remember! You can get up to 3/4 fill the stomach. The reason is that the fourth volume of the digestive juices leave that fill your stomach without distension is.

Well, now point becomes well known to us saying to get up from the table being slightly hungry :)

How much is 3/4 volume of the stomach without rozpychania it?

     Remember! That's as much as you can fit in your hands.

And it's up to it.

For example, connectors her hands and fill them with tap water. Then pour it into the dish.

This will result in a volume that can eat up all at once.

Remind yourself that sometimes you eat more?


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