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What causes constipation?

How to get rid of constipation?

Constipation affect 20-30% of the population, but overweight persons they appear in 50-70% of cases.

When we talk about constipation?

Remember! Constipation we face when defecating at least 3-4 times a week or even daily if the stools, we give them with difficulty, because they are hard, and often accompanied by a feeling of incomplete bowel movement.
Constipation itself is not a disease, but they always give us a signal that our body processes the wrong place or the wrong style of life.

Caution! The problem (though shy) can not be underestimated, because undigested food residues should be returned to date. Those that remain in our intestines just rot and become a poison to our body, the source of toxins.
Oosby who suffer from constipation have a "feeling of a full stomach", are often irritable, tired, and have a reduced resistance.

Remember! Chronic constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

Causes of constipation

Can be different.

These may be, among others:

     fibroids, growths, tumors, kidney stones, gall, hormonal disorders, diabetes, and depression.

Caution! Then you should start treating existing conditions, and where possible include other methods like diet and healthy lifestyle.
Also, certain medications can cause constipation (eg iron, of aluminum-containing heartburn, antidepressants, hypertensive, diuretic).

Constipation Often affects pregnant women, the sick and the elderly falling.

Remember! However, in most cases, they are the result improper lifestyle and diet.
Too much of the time in a sitting position slows peristalsis (movements) intestine. A similar effect on these movements is smoking cigarettes.

Also living in a hurry doing his. In particular, the morning rush is not recommended, because it is physiologically best time to flush.

Caution! When there are constipation, it usually is made of the easiest solution, or laxatives. You have to remember that when used regularly, the large intestine is no longer sensitive to its effects, which usually leads to an increase in the dose of, and the effect of this will lead to chronic constipation.
Also, the average Pole diet promotes constipation.

What to eat and what not to eat to avoid constipation?

First of all you should provide your body with the right amount of fluids, or about 2-2.5 liters per day.

And besides, you need to limit such products as:

     chocolate, cocoa, pears, berries, alcohol, especially red wine, very oily or well-done foods, fast food meals, soft drinks, sugar and white flour (white bread, cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, pies, pancakes, etc. ).

Caution! If constipation is accompanied by abdominal distension and pain, then you should avoid bloating vegetables, unpeeled fruit, unripe, dried or with small edible seeds like strawberries or currants and yellow cheeses.
And then they come with a lot of vegetables and fruits.

But they have to be fragmented and not in raw form. You can cook it by steaming, strangle, bake, blanch.

In this case, you should also eat: eat coarse groats, bran and whole-wheat bread (preferably eat mixed).

People with constipation no bloating, it is recommended that a lot of vegetables and fruits also raw, whole grains, bran and flaxseed,

Caution! Such a diet should always be introduced gradually to the intestine could get used to the increased amount of fiber.
Well, you need to be put in the movement, which is an essential component in the fight against constipation. The best will be here walking and abdominal exercises.

It should also supplement their diet with dietary fiber.


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