Lose weight - will improve the function of liver

Drop excess weight and improve your liver function

The liver is one of the largest and most hardworking organ of man. Works like a factory. It is the blood clots change carbohydrates into glucose, dissolved fats and bile. Is a magazine for proteins, vitamins, iron, and also produces enzymes. And this is not the end :)

Also neutralizes toxins (e.g. alcohol. Nicotine, drugs), and is involved in thermoregulation of the organism.

     Note! Without the liver are able to survive only two days.

How to improve the work of the liver?

Do you want to enjoy a long and efficient liver health? Be sure to change your dietary habits. Take care primarily about the line.

    Note! There is increasing evidence that obesity is not the liver.

For example:

specialists Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that the liver and hippocampus ( in this part of the brain there are centers of memory) utilize the same PPARalpha protein. The liver uses it to burn abdominal fat tissue, and the hippocampus - to operate the memory.

    Note! In patients with abdominal obesity liver must work longer to break down fat and would therefore consume their stocks proteins PPARalpha.

None of this protein coincides with the inventory of the brain , and this is reflected in the processes of memory and learning. According to the researchers, people with abdominal obesity are three times more likely than lean on memory loss and dementia.

Excessive fatty liver, which occurs in obese humans, is responsible for the development of insulin resistance and dyslipidemia, which is co-occurrence of elevated levels of triglycerides and low levels of good cholesterol fractions.

Liver function testing

If you want to find out if your liver is sick or not - perform an ultrasound and blood chemistry. From the results of the report to the doctor who ordered the test.

      Note! Only a doctor can interpret clearly from them.

Then consult a family doctor and a nutritionist. They will show you the proper way to reduce weight and help you plan for a lifestyle change.

If you want, you can treat "massage" your liver - from the inside, Milk Thistle:

Silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle liver regenerates at the cellular level. As a result, the liver secretes bile healthier - wonderful news for people who have a problem with gall stones. Because of the bile of normal composition and density, stones do not have the right to precipitate.


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