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Full body detox

Treatment of youth - full detox

The treatment presented below allows you to perform a comprehensive cleansing.
Maybe in the beginning I will try to present you with some facts speaking of how responsive " poisoned " ( impure ) body. Believe all of us to a lesser or greater extent, the body is dirty!

" The hygiene outer everyone knows from childhood , and of hygiene inside we know very little. While the condition of our internal organs determines our physical appearance . Few people know that in the adult intestine is from 8 to 15 kg fecal stones , that person carries a lifetime and do not need him for anything . " (Michael Tombak )

When the body is contaminated with basic physiological processes are very difficult. Blood is thick with excess toxins and to a lesser extent, it is able to transport nutrients to individual cells, resulting in frequent pain, weakness, mood changes, etc.

The large intestine for us is like a flower pot for plants and digested food plays well the visited land. Man - this tree . The walls of the colon are covered with roots , which, like the roots of plants, sucking the blood of useful substances. Each group root nourishes the appropriate authority. Needless residues are eliminated.

It is understandable. And what happens is not digested lump? During the next meal appends to it is another, then another ... I do not digested food sticks to the walls of the colon. Man wearing them up to a few pounds. And what happens to these products " stored " for many years at temperatures above 36 ° C can easily be imagined. ( Gennady Malakhov )

Still operating under a layer of " dirt " colon absorbing system provides the body toxins, carcinogens, digestion products . It goes without saying that these substances will not build up new cells. They propagate with the blood throughout the body and gradually settles on the walls of blood vessels, in joints leading to inflammation body.

Therefore categorically at least once a year you should carry out a comprehensive cleansing of the body to prevent the spread of disease and inflammation.

If you want to know more about the above mentioned issues refer to the book of Michael Tombak - " How to live a long and healthy " and Gennady Malakhov - " Therapeutic fasting ."

Body cleansing treatment

The first three such treatments should be carried out in a comfortable environment ( free from work, school, no stress ). The body in these days will pass a kind of purification processes and the associated fatigue will be with us for a few days.

At the beginning of the most important is, 'positive approach to the issue. " You can not take up any challenge if the ground itself are not sure that what you are doing makes sense and gives you many benefits. You have to believe and with great dedication to strive for, only goal will be as close as ever.

Note one essential thing, why do people pessimistic adjusted to life is harder? Because they tell themselves failures, and finally states arise in their minds become a reality. So please one, with as much optimism in your life, you must learn to laugh even in the worst of failures and your life will change a lot.

Four phases body cleansing treatment

1 The preparation phase (time selected individually about several days).

2 Phasing (duration: 2-3 days).

3 Phase correct - fasting (duration: 7 days).

4 Recovery phase (duration: 5-7 days).

1 The preparation phase (duration depends on your eating habits)

This is the phase of preparation of the organism to changes which occur at a later time. Your contaminated body parts you'll detoxify and prepare for a "shock". " Shock "? Shock will be the fact that at a later stage of treatment your body will not be getting any food from the outside - only pure water.

The result of this , the body itself will " earn " food through internal digestion, to start with: body fat and then all unnecessary and diseased cells, which are in arrears uselessly in your body.

The length of this phase depends on your unique propensity to unhealthy nutrition amount of sport, exposure to stress. For all these things that have a negative impact on you in the past.

If you are a person who ate very badly, very practiced sport and stress accompany you almost every day you will have to devote more time to prepare for up to several days. Vegans and people leading a healthy lifestyle will need a few days to carry out this phase.

During this time, try to change your lifestyle, from the pessimistic optimistic start to be interested in sport (at least a little bit ), running , cycling , etc. We animate your lethargic body is the first and very important step.

The next step is to change the menu - and it's not the most difficult. You have to give up on fatty foods ( fried foods, definitely slowly jadania to give up meat , high-calorie products). Stages dispose of diet products that are the least healthy. Eat dinner before 17:00.

Begin to make your menu a large amount of vegetables and fruits. Try to obtain a juicer, which later will be your best friend in the kitchen. Take the fresh juice and drink even after 2 liters a day. Juices in cartons are not suitable for consumption even beyond the cure! Even if the carton says that they have no preservatives, no excuse for the fact that most of the juice is made from concentrate, where they have a huge amount of preservatives! The menu also add seeds of plants, herbs, olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Once you have changed your menu, you enter a little sport in their lives the next step is to perform, something that may scare you but you should ... - enema!

The salutary effect enemas can find many information even in the internet.

Humanity has forgotten that a great way to cleanse the bowel. After all, it is easier to us now apply laxatives, is not it? However, laxatives do not work even half as good as a normal enema and to affect the natural intestinal flora.

How to do an enema?

It is purchased in a pharmacy enema bag (may also be pear, but this is less convenient). You fill bag is not aerated boiled and cooled best " live in" or other, summer (up to body temperature 36.6 C) water with the addition of lemon juice 2 in an amount of about 2 liters. Lemon juice must be clean (filtered ) would not lead to clogged jets. Hang on a bag of 1 or 1.5 meters. Kneel on the floor in such a position (being on all fours ) your feet to the floor -based , bottom up.

The tip jets put into the rectum, lower clamp and fluid drips himself . Some people have a glass of fluid feel pressure, so it should start with small amounts , gradually rising to 2 liters of fluid. After the enema ( until all the water has drained ) should be placed on the right side, then to the left, on the back, lift the buttocks up, rub belly , the liquid can reach the entire intestine. Try to hold out as long as possible! After a few minutes , when there is a feeling of pressure, sit on the toilet and excrete. Elimination will take approximately 20 minutes . Finally finished urinating .

You'll see what you wear over the years in their intestines, the view and the smell is disgusting.

    Caution! If you categorically do not want to use enemas should reckon with the fact that the first time " phase right - fasting " can u you run with the big complaints . You may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad mood.

Enema is therefore mandatory prior action!

Without the exercise, please do not go to the next stages. This could only harm you!

In the preparation phase, including enemas, take a few! Enema should be done every other day!

In the preparation phase it is good to take a 24 -hour hunger strike ( do not eat just drink water ). It is a habit of the body to slow actions that you perform on stage right .

Enema mechanically removed, recumbent year fecal deposits in the gut!

2 Phasing (duration 2-3 days)

This is the stage where you give up eating meat categorically!

You enter the daily warm baths. They are very useful in the treatment process. The idea is that all the cells, tissues prepared so that toxins could be as soon as possible out of them. Doing best served warm baths. Every day, for 2-3 day period preceding stage right - fasting, you two times a day, for about 10 minutes or less - it depends on your age and condition of the rest himself in the bathtub. Try to go for frequent walks several miles a day!

In this step, drink large quantities of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Eat salads.

On the eve of the "phase right - fasting" drink only the juice.

In the evening, make an enema!

Last meal (made up of a glass of juice) drink a circle at 18:00. Then drink only boiled water clean.

3 Phase correct (duration 7 days)

The third phase is the time it gets to you body " as a gift " to pick up the pieces after years of ill-treatment.

Over the next few days your body will be subjected to the so-called " surgery without a scalpel " - " of healing itself " !

During these days do not drink only pure sparkling spring water ! Put categorically all sorts of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, birth control pills, etc!.

You must not eat anything!

The body switches to digest internal ( endogenous ) and everyone, even the smallest morsel of changes in external digestion. Then this treatment does not make sense! Will power is the key to success, you have to develop it yourself. After you so much to gain.

You can brush your teeth but only toothpaste without fluoride. Wash only in clean water scrubbing scrub pad. Do not use shampoo, soaps and antiperspirants! In this phase, wash several times a day! The best way to have a shower .

    Caution! When cleaning the body through the skin throws a large amount of toxins so it's important they are frequent showers!

During this stage, your body is subjected to a severe trial. You will begin to feel a slight but annoying problems ( not in all cases , it depends mainly on the well prepared to this stage ). But the more " sinfully " thou art dead ( fed on ), the symptoms are more severe. There may be nausea, headache, weakness, pain in the joints. If you had acne problems, these conditions are likely to increase, but quietly - all this will pass. They are natural signs that your body becomes purified.

In the middle is a struggle. Many people give up on this phase of treatment, not being able to cope with these symptoms.

You have to survive !

However, if the symptoms are very bothersome drink half a glass of cool clear water with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon. Then proceed with further treatment .

Given the problems that they can occur during treatment you should set aside a few days off from work or school.

During this phase, is indicated for continuous peace and relaxation .

You can also forget about the short daily walks and evening baths. And do not forget to drink water frequently but in small sips (min 2 liters per day). The worst thing for you will be the first 3 days of this phase. Because at that time the body will pass on internal cleansing after many years of ill-treatment. In the next phase on the right ( fasting ) will only get better. You should feel a lightness, purity of the mind. Your senses sharpen a lot. Vision to improve hearing the stronger. Fragrances will feel with a lot of intensity.

    Caution! Do not forget about doing an enema (every two days ).

4 recovery phase (duration: 5-7days)

Regeneration step is a very important part of the whole treatment, I could even say that the most important thing. Since its consistent performance will depend on your health! At this stage you do not already enemas! You will begin to be made ​​during the next treatment.

During the 7 -day fasting your stomach and the intestinal tract decrease and partially etching " walks" to the level of cells . You must now be gently " start ".

At the beginning you have to take care of the state of your oral cavity. On the last day of fasting (day 7 ) circle at 16:00 you should do the following action:

    take a crust of bread , rub with garlic, thoroughly chew and spit it out . This procedure will allow you to clean the mouth of deposits and toxins.

Then you need to start your digestive system. Depending on the time of year when you are performing treatments, proceed as follows :

    come out of the summer tomato juice fasting, fall and spring - the juice of carrots, winter - the sour milk ( yogurt ).

In the initial stage of the regeneration phase (first day ) dilute juice with water at a ratio of 1:1. The prepared juice drink for the first day, then normal.

    Caution! During regeneration consistently beware of salt. Eat foods with no added salt.

And so around 17:00 drink a glass (200 grams ) sour milk or kefir (or juice 1:1 with water, depending on the season ). Sour taste stimulates the activity of digestive energy. The acidic environment and microorganisms immediately create appropriate conditions in the gastro -intestinal tract , which promotes proper digestion , creates normal bacterial flora and promotes digestive functions .

The next day, drink fruit juices: carrot , cabbage, apple , beet , tomato or mixtures thereof in proportions such as carrots and celery ( 2-1 banners ), carrot and apple (2:1), carrots and beetroot (2:1) etc. The color of carrot juice, affecting our eyes, it stimulates the digestive capacity and thus provide impetus for the inclusion of digestive functions. The high content of carotene has a strengthening effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa .

Carrot juice has potent bactericidal and fungicidal properties, and due to the high content of natural sugars are quickly digested and utilized by the body. Please note that all juices should be freshly prepared and not be a drinks cartons . You already know that they will not work!

The next day, prepare a salad with shredded carrots and cabbage, with the squeezed juice of about half an orange. Remember that fruit and vegetables in salads during this period were well shredded . During the day, drink water.

For lunch you can eat a salad with shredded carrots, chopped celery and cabbage, flavored with apple juice. For this drink freshly made juices.

Then the vegetables and fresh juices can add grits with untreated grains - millet , buckwheat, wheat (no butter ). In the next 3-4 days continue such a diet , then you can begin to add to food nuts, brown bread , rice and a small amount of melted butter.

Make sure that you too will not soon return to their old bad habits recipes. Meat enter only on day 8 of the regeneration phase and in very small quantities. Remain in healthy eating as long as possible . I know that no one can hold a perfect diet but try to eat in harmony with their feelings and desires not!.

This type of preventive treatments can be carried out once a year. I think it will be a shorter fasting, eg 1 - 3-day then you can make several of them over the years .

Good luck :)


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