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Cholesterol good and bad

Is cholesterol is needed?

Our body each day in addition to a number of compounds also produces cholesterol. It is treated as a nutrient.

Note! Cholesterol (everyone was afraid of him) we needed to function properly. We need include etching, the production of hormones (including sex, anti-stress), as well as the preparation and absorption of vitamin D.

Good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat. It does not dissolve in the blood and to be able to move in the body, it combines with the protein and in this way so formed. lipoproteins LDL and HDL.

LDL particles provide us with, among others, cholesterol to produce hormones. However, if there are too many, it is deposited in the walls of arteries, and it promotes the development of atherosclerosis.

This type of cholesterol is called "bad".

It is, of course, and the "good" kind of cholesterol - HDL, which collects cholesterol from the arteries pushed and moves it to the liver, where it is changed to bile acids, which are essential for proper digestion.

Remember! If LDL cholesterol (the bad guy) is too much, it's the good (HDL) can not completely remove it.

Therefore, in addition to maintaining normal cholesterol (less than 200mg/dl) is very important as taking care of the ratio between LDL fractions (no more than 130ml/dl) and HDL (at least 45mg/dl).

How to care for normal cholesterol?

For every day of cholesterol produced in the body each day is tapped another portion. Most contributes to the fatty meat and dairy products.

If you want to keep your cholesterol in check, start reaching for products of plant origin, including vegetable oils, and when he starts to approach the upper limit of normal, then turn to your diet components that affect its reduction.

Note! For the victors so. bad cholesterol, among others, are considered fiber and plant sterols, and improve the balance between factions cholesterol helps green tea.

Cholesterol can be dangerous for children

This is a problem not only adults. Increasingly, it also affects young people (even high school students). They also have elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Remember! Responsible for a diet that is rich, inter alia, the burgers and chips.

Even as young organisms are capable of inactivating the amount of fat.


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