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The two-day cleansing diet body

As in two days to cleanse the body?

With this diet for two days get rid of toxins and harmful deposits, to settle the metabolism, and the way to drop 2-3 pounds.

Nature has equipped you with the natural filters, and most important of these are the liver and kidneys. There was a time when no problem they coped with the removal of waste products, for the environment and the food was not as heavily polluted as it is now. Therefore, they need to be encouraged.

Added to this is also another problem, because about 50 % of women and 25 % of men suffer from constipation, and is responsible for a poor diet, low in fiber, and rich in protein, white bread and sweets. The result is that in the intestine may be as low as a few kilograms (! ) Of harmful deposits, which is not enough that poison the body, is still blocking the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

We know the different ways to remove toxins, which are designed to not allow the fact that they were sent from the gut into the bloodstream, and from there to all the cells of the body ( eg, detoxification patches glued on foot or nose, tablets with cellulose, which helps to clean the colon ) and diet.

One of them is the Six- juice diet.

    Caution! So strict detox is possible only under medical supervision.

However, without worrying about their health may itself carry out a two-day body cleansing diet, which involves eating only vegetables and fruits and drinking juices and water.

Fruits and vegetables contain substances detox

Apples: a rich source of pectin, which scavenge the remains of the gastrointestinal tract lying. Eat them with the skin.

Pears: contain hard particles and tannins that help the body's excretion of harmful substances.

Grapes: they are a source of antitumor effects of ellagic acid and resveratrol, have also silicon, which improves the skin condition.

Lemons: act as a disinfectant, and they contain antioxidants destroy free radicals are responsible for many diseases.

Beets: betanin content improve thanks to the work of the liver, which is a natural filter of the body.

Parsley: has antiseptic and diuretic, stimulates the kidneys work, accelerates cleansing of toxins.

Tomatoes: contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant and plenty of potassium. This element prevents water retention.

Cucumbers: contain as much as 96 % water, which is the basis of detox, juice, pickles cleanses the intestines.

Onions: improves circulation and intestinal function , and it promotes excretion of toxins, cleanses the skin and also has a diuretic effect.

Cabbage: a source of sulforaphane and many minerals, cleanses the skin and eliminates free radicals.

The above mentioned products is necessary to include in your diet and fill it with another one you like.

The principle of a two-day cleansing diet

In addition to juices of vegetables and fruits in the diet cleansing drink up a day at least 6 glasses of water and a cup of tea with dandelion, violet tricolor, or St. John's wort.

Salads and soups not seasoned with salt, or enrich any more nutritious addition (potato, pasta, meat, cheese, etc.).

     Caution! The only exception is a teaspoon of olive oil in the second day of the diet.

Between meals save 3-4 hours apart.

This detox can repeat as often as every month.

Sample menu two-day cleansing diet body

     Caution! Achieve a better result if you are already one day before using this diet you eat light meals, best meatless, quit that day with coffee, strong tea, and alcohol.

Day 1 body cleansing diet

Breakfast: a glass of boiled hot water with a whole lemon | glass of juice with apples, pears and two frozen strawberries

Second breakfast: a glass of pickle cucumbers (but only if you have your own) | medium cooked beets or juice bunch of parsley and orange diluted with mineral water | tomato

Lunch: A colorful salad with tomato, cucumber, a few leaves of lettuce, peppers fields, a few leaves of fresh basil, a small onion, a few walnuts and pepper.

Preparation: vegetables arbitrarily cut, chop and roast the nuts lightly in a pan, mix the ingredients, sprinkle salad with basil leaves and sprinkle with pepper.

Afternoon snack: a glass of carrot juice and apples.

Dinner: oriental soup with 1-2 glasses of vegetable broth and 3 tablespoons frozen blend of Chinese, seasoned with 1/2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

Day II diet cleansing the body

Breakfast: a glass of hot water with the juice of a lemon mousse with two carrots and two apples (easiest way to do it, squeezing carrots and apples through a juicer and stirring the pulp and juice ).

Second Breakfast: juice of three tomatoes with a spoon parsley | 150 g grapes.

Lunch: soup kapuĊ›cianka with carrots, parsley, celery pieces, small onion, tomato, a piece of cabbage, basil and savory .

Preparation: root vegetables wipe the vegetable grater , chop the onion and fry in a dry pan without fat , Chop cabbage, vegetables pour two glasses of water and cook until tender , at the end of cooking add the diced tomato and herbs.

Afternoon snack:  a large pear | ginger tea cup prepared with 2 tablespoons grated ginger and 1/2 liters of boiling water . Tea cook 5 minutes over low heat .

Dinner: salad with peppers, a few florets of cauliflower and broccoli, onions, celery, spinach and, if necessary, drizzled with a teaspoon of olive oil.


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