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Fish are healthy

Eat it, live 800 days longer

Imagine this: two times a week consummate a small meal and have a longer life for more than two years ...

Well, you do not have to imagine it. This is the reality, in addition, supported by scientific research!


Fish, fish - good for health. Everyone has heard it. But this fact probably did not know: eating fish can actually extend your life by 2.2 years, which was about 800 days!

And the biggest surprise is how much you need to eat them to add each year, according to a study by researchers at Harvard.

Fish is rich in Omega-3. That they protect against heart disease, focusing in inflammation, Alzheimer's disease, depression and many other ills twenty-first century.

In the aforementioned study involved 2700 men and women aged 65 and more. The study lasted 16 years until the volunteers died. The researchers obtained death records and other medical records, showing the cause of death. Then subjected them to detailed analysis, taking into account various risk factors (demographics, age, lifestyle, etc.)

What they found: those with the highest levels of Omega-3 in the blood lived an average of 2.2 years longer than those whose level of acid in the blood was the lowest. It has been estimated that the risk of death from heart disease in the former was as much as 35% less.

Fish is a very rich source of Omega-3, but not the only - you can provide your body such as nut, soy or beef.

Best: According to researchers at Harvard, has less than 400 mg of fatty enough to take advantage of their effects on the heart and circulatory system of man - and more or less is in two portions of fish a week, such as salmon, sardines or tuna. It really is not much, considering the beneficial effects on health, is not it?

Here's how such a great impact of the consumption of fish or supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids: are the conquerors of cholesterol, one of the three biggest killers of the human population.

So! How about serving fish for lunch today?

What is it? You do not live by the sea and do not have access to fresh fish? Or for some reason you hate taste of cod liver oil?

The good news: as a potent killer turns out to be tasteless cholesterol, fiber that you can cook such as your favorite juice or cocktail homemade.


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