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Urine test for bilirubin

Home test for the presence of bilirubin in urine

Urinalysis is one of the basic tests performed in medicine. Brings a lot of information about the state of our urinary system, about the work of the kidneys, as well as systemic diseases.

They can be made in virtually every family doctor's office and it was the doctor should interpret the relationships and dependencies that exist between parameters, which we denote in this study.

     Note! Now we can perform these test at home.

Technically it is very similar to that performed in the laboratory, but unfortunately it is not quite as much accurate. As for his interpretations, but for us the basic information is that the symptoms that concern us require doctor visits and further diagnostics if we do not have to worry about.


In our body nonstop breaking down how and formation of red blood cells. This is because that a single blood cell lives in our vessels about 120 days, and this means that every day, millions of cells are destroyed, and their decay products (not so much the same cells as hemoglobin contained therein) bilirubin is formed.

Bilirubin as a decomposition product is eliminated by our liver to biliary gastrointestinal tract. However, this mechanism sometimes fails and then the bilirubin level increases in our blood, grows so much that it can cause jaundice, but before it happens it passes into the urine.

     Note! In the normal urinary bilirubin should not be. If it finds it, it means that our liver is something wrong.

As you explore the level of bilirubin in the urine?

To perform a urinalysis will need the following items:

  • test strip , which is used to test the urine;
  • receptacle for urine (buy it at any pharmacy in a few cents);
  • gloves ( always needed when working with biological material seedy ) and paper towel.

The first thing you need to do is fill the urine receptacle.

    Note! This should be a urine mid-stream. This means that when urinating first batch of urine going to the toilet, next to the pot kidding, the last batch of urine while going to the toilet. This will avoid any kind of contamination.

In addition, it is important that women do not examine the urine during menstruation, because it may be contaminated with blood, and it is important to not collect this urine after strenuous exercise.

The packaging of the test strip you will find the following items:

  • instructions (necessarily refer to it ) ;
  • 5 sachets with the tests and
  • color scales serving to interpret the test.

How to test urine?

Unpack the test strip. It gives you the test strip and a moisture-absorbing agent, which you will not be needed anymore. The jar you mixed urine in which you dip the test strip. Immerse it for a while. The entire length. Then dry your pot on the shore, and even take a paper towel and dry the edge.

    Note! This is very important, because otherwise the reagents may be mixed.

At this point, the test is performed and for about 60 seconds you will be able to interpret it.

The level of bilirubin can mark test strip using a 9 square of tissue paper on which color reaction occurs. The more beige color, it is the bilirubin is more. At a time when the bilirubin did not have the color is yellowish.

    Note! It's just such a state is considered to be correct. Any other means pathology.

In normal urine, we are not able to detect even very sensitive bilirubin methods ( much more sensitive than the test strip ). Therefore, if the test strip detects bilirubin, be sure to consult a doctor because it may be a lull in the bile ducts or inflammation of the liver or some other serious disease that must be treated.


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