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How to eat properly

How to eat in harmony with the physiology of the body

The human body is a perfectly programmed machine.
He tells you when you should go to bed. He tells you when you should go to the toilet. He tells you when you should rest. Finally, he tells you when you should eat.  

And here we want to stop.

You see, for some reason most people (usually those whose fatigue common ailments), it ignores the "alert" file in your own body, whose role is to inform about when the body needs nutrients portion - that is when you need to grab a bite to eat. The feeling of hunger can signal that your digestive system is ready to accept and process new meal, and then distribute it contains nutrients bloodstream into the cells of your body.

On the other hand, eating without hunger triggers a biochemical stress for several major organs, and the whole system in general. This stress is reflected mainly in fatigue and sleepiness. (Hence the desire for a nap after lunch satiated!)  

Therefore, for many years a soldier warn rules:     

Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.

Providing a clear feeling of hunger to the presence of an appropriate amount of digestive enzymes (in the mouth, on the walls of the stomach, pancreas, liver and small intestine). Furthermore, starvation indicates that the decrease of energy reserve, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients.

With the feeling of hunger, the body cries out for a "fuel" for the body and mind. Meals in such circumstances (hunger) is not only in harmony with human physiology because it has an additional advantage: Researchers at the University of Maryland in Baltimore have shown that people who eat only when you feel hungry, with a lot more easily lose excess weight, since then regulate metabolic processes.


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