Liver Cleansing honey

Honey in the treatment of liver

Cholelithiasis accompanied by inflammation of the gallbladder and liver. In its removal helps proper diet. The diet should be started about a month before cleaning the liver.
With the right diet with problems with gall bladder is not a problem. It will also eliminate cramps in all parts of the intestine, and for that you'll need to normalize the acidity of gastric juice.

This will help in the honey taken on an empty stomach before eating.

     Caution! Prophylactically or therapeutically accept honey previously dissolved in warm water.

You can use for example, about 150 grams of honey a day and eliminate from your diet all confectionery products. Honey in a glass stir to dissolve completely.

Cure for liver cleansing honey

To clean the liver use of honey four times a day:
  • three times with meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and the fourth the last time you receive a half hour before bedtime. Start with a regular dose of honey (1 tablespoon), and if necessary, the dose should be increased.
In the absence of acidity of gastric juice, you should drink water with honey for 15-20 minutes before a meal. At low acidity for 30-45 minutes, and at normal pH for about 1 hour and at elevated acidity for 1.5 hours before eating.

Such treatment honey heals perfectly gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, colon, inflammation of the gallbladder.

     Caution! But there are some limitations. Honey cure can not be longer than six weeks, and its frequency - this time for six months.

During treatment, limit starchy food:
  • bread, muffins, pasta and potatoes.
In addition to these properties affect the purge honey intestines and thus normalizes defecation. It will be the regular morning and evening.

During the three weeks prior to the treatment, clean the colon with enemas. If the intestines are cleaned, then you can safely go to cleanse the liver.

Remember: Keep clean inside and live longer

Good luck :)


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