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How to reduce levels of bad cholesterol?

The level of bad cholesterol

If you have a high level of bad cholesterol (LDL), you should change your daily habits.

Change your diet, the best is the Mediterranean. Causes an increase in good cholesterol that protects our heart. Good cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels - so bad cholesterol molecule is harder to stick to them. By increasing the levels of good cholesterol, reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease (increasing the level of good cholesterol by 1 mg / dl, the risk of falls by 3%).

In our diet should include foods that contain omega- 3 . Most of them are marine fish . Nor should it fail in fruit and vegetables because they contain flavonoids ( antioxidants ), which are harmful to the heart combat free radicals.

Eating fermented foods containing probiotic bacteria ( pickled cabbage ) raise your overall immunity.

With your diet should disappear animal fats (they are very dangerous for the heart and circulatory system ), because they contain a lot of cholesterol. Another disadvantage of fatty foods is that it promotes the deposition of adipose tissue surrounding the internal organs. The body treats fat as an intruder - into action the immune cells and incites inflammation.

Inflammation in the body is bad for the good cholesterol particles , causes that they become less active and even if we have a very high level of good cholesterol does not prevent us from being damaged blood vessels.

Limit the intake of salt. Excess water causes the body substance is prepared, the decongestant, raises blood pressure, and increases inflammation.

Strengthen your immune system, eat foods rich in vitamin C ( a rich source of vitamin C parsley and broccoli ). Eat at least once a week, garlic and onions - they have a bactericidal effect and prevent colds.

Very need a regular, but moderate exercise. A study was conducted which showed that even after 3 months in persons who are physically active - good cholesterol increased by up to 25 %.

But you have to remember that exercise must be combined with a diet, or to bill the circulatory system - and this may be the cause of a stroke.


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