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Healthy gall bladder


It is not indispensable, but it's worth it to have a long life, because in order to enjoy a healthy gall bladder do not have to bend over backwards.

Just putting a few positive changes in your diet.

The gall bladder is on the right side of the abdomen - below the liver. This is a very important part of the gastrointestinal tract, as he participates in an important process of digestion.

It is in the gallbladder bile is stored, and it is necessary to break down fat from food and absorb soluble vitamins in it.

Caution! Deficiency or abnormal bile threaten indigestion, deterioration of nutrient absorption and liver disease (eg, the steatosis).

This liver produces bile, which goes to the gallbladder between meals and able to hunger and it is concentrated. However, after a meal due to the activity of two hormones secretions flowing into the duodenum.

Life without gallbladder

The condition of the gall bladder is dependent on the condition of the liver and therefore should be particularly care for her.

However, in the other side of this relationship is less, and that's because we can function without the gall bladder, but it is associated with considerable dietary restrictions, which consist of:

     eating at regular intervals digestible meals that are low in volume (5-6 day)

     avoidance of animal fats,

     stopping for fried dishes cooked - preferably steam (may be stewing in their own juice or burning sensation in the sleeve without added fat, parchment paper, aluminum foil)

     choosing lean dairy products, fish and lean white meat,

     removed from the diet yolks, coarse products (eg, groats, brown bread), mayonnaise, chocolate, spicy foods (vinegar, mustard, paprika, curry, savory, pepper), sodas, strong coffee, tea and alcohol

     avoidance products after which they are flatulence (e.g. onions, legumes, cabbage), and the nuts, almonds, currant, avocado, plums and gooseberries,

     add to dishes mint, marjoram, caraway, thyme, juniper, oregano, which act cholagogic, relax the bile ducts and speed digestion,

     eating or drinking infusions (also after grinding - in addition to a variety of dishes) containing the seeds of milk thistle silymarin, which increases the production and secretion of bile.

What you eat and why such a diet?

As far as it is possible to eat fruits:

     apples, bananas, apricots, peaches, kiwi, melons, berries, blueberries and citrus.

Safe vegetables are:

     carrots, beets, spinach, asparagus, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes (peeled), celery, pumpkin, chicory, peas, watercress.

The remaining products in these categories should be introduced gradually (maximum of two pieces per day). Thermal treatment (cooking) fruit and vegetables is indicated, as well as from the skin peeling.

A system must maintain a few weeks after surgery.

After removal of the gallbladder from the liver bile flows directly into the duodenum, and then the fluid accumulates in the hepatic duct which stretches.

     Caution! The same recommendations apply for the diagnosis of stones.

Avoid the hassle

How to avoid problems with gall bladder?

It is not a complicated or impossible to achieve. You just have to limit your intake of animal fats (not only meat but also mayonnaise, sauces), fatty products to replace those skinny, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, fiber.

One can not eat breakfast, which should not be too heavy (like scrambled eggs), but it is nutritious. It is recommended to limit sweets, alcohol, coffee, and fried foods.

It should reach for herbs (such as milk thistle, artichoke, mint, St. John's wort) and green tea.

Protect your gall bladder - what's yours is yours and ... in your hands ...


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