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Hepatitis and its causes and symptoms


Problems with the liver, such as hepatitis can be caused by many factors, among which the most frequently mentioned:
• improper diet,
• poisoning (usually alcohol)
• genetic defects
• viral infections.

Each of them leads to malfunctions of the body, which affects the functioning of the whole organism. The liver is lived several functions, among which the exchange: regulation of body temperature, storage of iron, filtering the blood, removing toxins and production of bile needed to digest fats. Despite the fact that the liver is poorly innervated, around the organ is serosa. When the body grows in size, it begins to oppress the membrane. Then too there is pain. Sticking appears on the right side, just below the ribs.

One of the problems that most often get to the doctor is an inflammation of the liver. This disease has a variety of reasons: it can be caused by viruses A, B and C. Hepatitis can also be caused by bacterial infections, congenital malformations, fungal, parasitic, alcohol, drugs, toxins, and circulatory disorders.

The symptoms are varied:

• flu-like symptoms - fever, nausea, loss of appetite, chills,
• obstructive jaundice,
• smell of skin, dark urine,
• bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract,
• inflammation of the pancreas.

Ways to hepatitis

Due to the fact that liver dysfunction is usually caused by external factors, it is urgent to look at the plaintiffs, by which it was called. Generally it is a bad diet - the change determines not only improve health, but also improve the functioning of the liver. Easily digestible diet rich in fiber will help her recovery. In the treatment of hepatitis will also prove useful herbal supplements available in the form of teas and capsules. Extract from plants such as milk thistle, dandelion will help regenerate organs and will act protectively. Herbs can be used long term, as their operation is not invasive, as in the case of antibiotics and hepatitis quickly subsides.

Herbs for liver or natural methods of health

Herb, known for centuries, is one of the pillars of modern medicine. Proponents of natural ways to combat the health claim that Mother Nature gives us enough beneficial plants, we use them to independently look after the well-being and a healthy body. Today in pharmacies and drugstores are numerous herbal preparations, supporting the harmonious functioning of the body. Among them we find: herbal teas, ointments, creams, capsules and natural oils with extracts from herbs. Many of them are recommended by physicians as part of the treatment of common diseases such as influenza, digestive problems, or hepatitis. Especially in the case of such an important body such as the liver, it is important to prevent and correct protection. This organ plays a key role in the human body.

Herbs for liver are recommended especially in cases of problems such as cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, accelerate the process of detoxification and regulate its operation. They support the regeneration of tissues and liver cells, acting protectively. Which herbs for the liver should look out for?

Milk thistle and dandelion as the best herbs for the liver

Milk thistle is the most popular herbal agent recommended by any problems with the liver. It contains valuable components such as flavonoids and antioxidants that support the creation of new cells within the liver. This is hugely important in the process of liver regeneration. Milk thistle is often present as a component of tonic for the liver, but is also used ground as a food additive intended for direct consumption. Milk thistle is also available as a dietary supplement.

Dandelion, besides a wide range of its healing properties, it is also relatively inexpensive product. It is also a fact that every part of the plant can be used during treatment (product leaves the vacuum of the improvement in renal function). For the liver, however, the most important is the root. Among other herbs for the liver specialists also list of violet tricolor, fennel, marigold, sage and turmeric.


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