Enema for constipation

Enema tool in the fight against constipation

An enema is an effective tool to combat constipation. Therefore, we need to know more about it.
Caution! It should be used temporarily and in the end, because laziness digestive system and often weaned from the natural mechanism of defecation. A better solution is to put in fiber, drink plenty of fluids and exercise. This will help prevent constipation effectively.

When formed constipation?

Usually occur due to dietary mistakes and therefore fight them mainly involves changing the diet.

In short:

     should be on a diet rich residual, drink more fluids, increase physical activity and reduce stress in everyday life.

And then forget about constipation ...

Help may also be known since antiquity enema. It consists of pouring warm liquid or gel into the colon through the anus using a special tool (wlewnik or drum).


This is not only an effective way to constipation. An enema is done before surgery, childbirth, as well as gastrointestinal endoscopic examinations (eg colonoscopy).

Do not shed disputes enema, because proponents of alternative medicine claim that flushing the colon, is not only a great way to deal with constipation, but also an effective way of cleansing the body of toxins and metabolic deposits and conventional mainstream doctors also consider it as a good way for constipation, but do not agree with the other issues.

Caution! The beneficial effect of bowel enema to work in the context of regulating bowel movements cycle is undeniable, and rinse jelitu stout restores normal condition in which stool moves freely towards anal.
Enema can be compared to removing the plug out of the bath or unclog a sink, because the removal of unnecessary congestion content quickly evaporates.

When and to whom it is recommended that an enema?

An enema is recommended:

     the short-term and chronic constipation,

     seriously ill (high fever prevents defecation)

     suffering from hemorrhoids (laxatives could lead to hemorrhoids prolapse,

     suffering from a hernia (treatment with laxatives could enlarge hernia)

     the children.


Caution! An enema is not for everyone. Diseases of the digestive system disqualify, or various types of inflammatory bowel disease, the diverticula, tumors in the rectum, bleeding from the digestive system does not allow for spraying enema.
It is not too good for pregnant women as you may call birthing contractions.

At home or in the office

Enema treatment we do ourselves, but it requires overcoming resistance physiological, aesthetic, and practice.

Caution! Be careful, because the solution has to be prepared carefully. The intestine has a remarkable ability to absorb ions and any mistake can lead to irritation of the lining of the rectum or poisoning of the body ...

How to safely perform an enema at home?

You have to remember a few important principles:

     Please select the correct fluid - the less the better.

     You need to use the smallest possible amount of the solution.

     Selects the method is simpler - it is more convenient to use wlewnik of small capacity.

     You need to check hydration ingots prior to its introduction into the rectum. If necessary, lubricate it with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil.


You can not overdo the enema, because the digestive system to wean it from the natural defecation. It simply spoils, and this leads to the relaxation of the intestine.

Caution! Brings dire consequences to connect flush with laxatives.
There is also a view that the enema destroys the natural intestinal flora, and it is very good for health.

Therefore, it should be done as a last resort and it is better to bet on the prevention and conventional methods, ie, more fiber, and water sports.


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