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Products lowering blood cholesterol levels

What helps knock down the level of cholesterol in the blood?

If the results of blood tests ( especially high cholesterol ) raise your anxiety, then lower it before you start medication, take care of what day it lands on your plate, because proper diet and herbs huddle cholesterol almost as well as pharmaceuticals.

Cholesterol - a chemical compound found in food. Fortunately, it can also be produced by our liver, because it is necessary to build cells and to produce hormones, vitamin D3 and bile acids. Everything is ok, provided that the levels of cholesterol within the normal range.

Caution! Very important is the right balance between the so-called. bad cholesterol (LDL) and good (HDL). Excess of poor or too small amount of good cholesterol can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system, especially atherosclerosis.

Changes that trigger the disease is very difficult to go back (sometimes even impossible) . Current knowledge allows us to effectively defend themselves by atherosclerosis, just keep cholesterol in check, and it's not difficult when you know the appropriate tricks :)

What to eat to lower cholesterol?

In the case of cholesterol and its main source of animal fat which unfortunately does not work the principle of "what the eye does not see, it is not."

     Caution! You want your meals healthier permanently? Give up the overgrown fat knuckle, sausages or frying an lard.

You must also remember that cholesterol likes to hide in dairy products (especially cheese yellow), eggs (especially the yolks) and chicken skin.

Slimming your menu will reduce the amount of cholesterol in your diet as much as several tens of percent. If you want to be even better, instead of fried meat, bake or boil them.

Enter also to your diet products that not only does not increase the levels of bad LDL cholesterol, but also can effectively reduce it.

Oatmeal for high cholesterol

Contain a soluble fiber that combines with cholesterol and facilitates its excretion. Other sources of fiber: barley, beans, peas, lentils, vegetables and fruits (such as apples, plums).

Vegetable oils to a high cholesterol

Will provide you with healthy fats and stenol and sterols. It's safe counterparts cholesterol when ingested with food, your body absorbs it instead of LDL. Other sources stenol and sterols: nuts, healthy margarine.

Oily ocean fish on high cholesterol

For example, salmon, mackerel, herring are mine omega 3, and do not allow the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Other sources of omega-3: fish oil, seafood, flax oil, tofu, almonds.

Soybeans for high cholesterol

It is a rich source of lecithin, which is not allowed to raise the level of cholesterol and prevents the accumulation of LDL in the liver. Other sources of lecithin: egg - but they also contain a lot of cholesterol, thus better reach for the supplements.

Lean meat on high cholesterol

For example, beef, which provides CLA fatty acids, and these regulates fat. Other sources of CLA: only supplements.

Garlic for high cholesterol

Source allicin - the active ingredient. The natural medicine is one of the most effective among the conquerors cholesterol. Scientist, however, have doubts about it. Other sources of allicin: onions, see.

Herbs to lower blood cholesterol levels

Would you like to comment cholesterol war? From here to help herbs, herbal preparations in the pharmacy and buy a herbal store.

The most effective herbal remedies:

     evening primrose oil, a source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) support the work of the circulatory system and regulating cholesterol;

     artichoke extract which regulates the level of cholesterol and triglycerides (fatty compounds, an excess of which also leads to atherosclerosis);

     dandelion (decoction and tincture act on the liver, and it is stored in the excess cholesterol);

     lucerne, which contains saponin, these compounds reduce the level of LDL and impede deposition in vessels called. atherosclerotic plaque.

Anti-cholesterol effects of wine

Wine of experience in combating high cholesterol levels in the blood, but on one condition: you have to settle for a glass a day. Healing powers, however, have no interest, but flavonoids, and wine, there are over a hundred!

However, an excess of drink poisons the liver and increases blood pressure. Therefore, a better solution would be to mobilize the other rich source of flavonoids: green and red tea, chokeberry juice.

Therapeutic effects after drinking about three cups a day.


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