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Cleansing the body of toxins

Diets cleansing the body of toxins

What do you think? Well you eat?

Find out!

In 2009, the experiment was conducted, and the results were devastating.

Everyone who participated in it, save for a week, what and how much it during the day, and these people were convinced that they feed on as well and take care of their health.

 After a week, invited all people to a room where the tables lay huge piles of food that was collected from surveys of participants.

It showed on each table also provides the name of a particular person involved in the experiment.

They were very surprised by what they saw on his table. Piled pyramid of sugar, salt, flour gallons of coffee, milk, soft drinks, processed foods, and only modest amounts of vegetables, fruit, cereal and water ...

That made them how much sugar, salt, carbohydrates and fats eaten daily. This experience changed their eating habits.

Now consider how much salt, sugar, white flour, milk would be placed on your table after a week.

Probably more than it had expected ...
Caution! In addition to the food, which is charged digestive system with food consumed large amounts of toxins. These harmful substances, which occur almost anywhere, build up over the years in our body, and lead to many diseases, and the most dangerous source of toxins is a variety of processed food that contains preservatives, pesticides, fertilizer residues, heavy metals, and food additives.

How to protect yourself against toxins?

It is difficult to completely prevent them, because we can not change the polluted environment in which we live, to effectively reduce the amount of preservatives in food, cosmetics and give up the laundry detergent ...

It is after all impossible.

But there is one thing on which the impact of each of us. You can still clean your body and thus remove the toxins that remain, and it will not only enhance the immune system and provide rapid regeneration of the body, but will also add power to act and achieve goals.
Caution! Of great importance for the poisoning of the body is that the whole process was gradual, but effective, because the rapid purification of the body can cause the body can not cope with the removal of toxins.
It's like the idea that it gets spring cleaning in the closet, suddenly throw it across the room all the clothes.

Cleansing the body should be carried out with the head and gradually get rid of the toxins and the best place to be appropriate cleansing diet.

What you need to know choosing a cleansing diet for yourself?

There are many, some cleanse the body, while others are elected bodies, such as: kidneys, joints, intestines, liver.
Caution! Of great importance is it to choose the right diet that does not unduly burden the body, outside the body because we have family, work, hobbies, and other activities that require our energy.
We must also remember that the cleansing diet can be used by healthy people and over 18 years of age, and a contraindication to the use of a pregnancy, breastfeeding and chronic diseases and drug use.

The cleansing diet have to prepare wisely. You will need a clearly defined plan. The longer the cleansing diet, the longer must be the preparatory period.
Caution! During this time, you can not eat meat, sugar, confectionery, dairy products, you can not drink coffee, tea or alcohol. Unhealthy products are converted into fruits, vegetables, fat cereal, herbal infusions, dark bread.
The long treatment (eg fasting) is recommended to use a two-week transition period before and after cleansing diet.

1 Starvation Diet

It is the most popular diet detoxification and cleansing.

With her body is detoxified of the accumulated various pollutants, toxins and waste products.

It is one of the most radical methods of purification of the body. While fasting is not accepted any food, and drink a lot of still water and herbal infusions.

A simpler version of the diet juice fasting. It involves drinking two liters of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Brief fasting can be carried out for 36 hours.

According to research, the best results, fasting lasts from three to five days.

Here are three effective cleansing diet.

Diet 2 Diet rice

This is another effective diet cleansing the body.

It can be used for 6-7 days, and its principles are as follows:

      in the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed,

     during the day to eat rice (20-25 grams of paddy rice from organic farming cook in a 600 ml unsalted water - divided into four or five meals, each serving of rice, you can add the parsley, sulfurized apple, vegetables),

     drink mineral water and herbal teas (nettle, birch, violet tricolor, St. John's wort, thyme), which support the cleansing of the body.

Diet 3 Diet Wheat

Next cleansing diet is wheat, which is used even 12 days.

The rules of this diet is the same as the diet of rice, but rice instead of wheat in them.

To do this, measure 20-20 grams of untreated (preferably organic) wheat and cook it in three times the volume of water for 2.5 hours.
Caution! Cleansing diets effectively detoxify your body, but you can avoid the side effects of their use. That is why you will notice the following symptoms: mood swings, headache, drowsiness, nausea, sense of heaviness, feeling freezing, unpleasant smell of urine and sweat.
These signals are natural removal of toxins from the body. There are usually only at the beginning.
Caution! The more toxins in the body, the greater the problems. They disappear gradually with toxins.
Cleansing the body of toxins is very important, and the same cleansing diet is only the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. The most effective way to health and well-being, the good habits every day.

It should therefore start by introducing fiber in the diet, modify your eating habits and drink plenty of water (preferably mineral non-carbonated).

It's a simple solution and provide you with health, energy and good mood every day!


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