Hepatitis diet

Diet with viral hepatitis

Patients with viral hepatitis (and this is independent of the type of virus A, B or C) must necessarily be on a diet digestible.

The specific diet regimen is recommended patients with acute hepatitis, especially with a large yellowish eyes and skin. Therefore, patients with jaundice is hospitalized, the diet is determined by your doctor and a dietitian.

The patient usually should eat 4-5 meals consisting of food cooked or stewed. Because of their diet must completely remove fatty meat, bacon, margarine, cheese, yellow, lard, bacon, pastries and all fried foods.

For this you need to remove from your diet vegetables bloating, and the other to cook and eat, crush or as a puree. Bread should only be stale, right. Fruits also cook and wipe.

If the patient does not harm the raw fruit that can be eaten in small amounts.

     Caution! The fruits such as apples, apricots, peaches - the skin is removed, and blueberries and raspberries in blazes, but they must be mature, non-acid and may not include the so-called. stone cells. Pears are strictly prohibited.

After returning home, the diet can be somewhat mitigated. Also, patients with hepatitis B and C, with a milder course may apply less restrictive diet. It can not be too fast to enrich your diet for a further products and food, because liver regeneration takes a long time (at least six months), and it happens so that the symptoms are felt by the patient up to a year, if the damage that made ​​the virus were large .

Patients in their diet should include wholesome animal protein (cottage cheese, cooked lean meat, lean fish, milk, kefir, yogurt, boiled eggs), and this is because it is necessary for the regeneration of the liver parenchyma.

    Caution! It can not be supplied in excess.

Still not allowed are animal fats (except butter and a small amount of sweet cream), and cooked and raw cabbage, peas, beans, soybeans, and acidic fruits, fried foods, reheated. You can not use hot spices. If you enter a new species to the diet of bread (especially wholemeal), you have to be careful.

     Caution! All oral medications go through the liver. Some of them are toxic to it. Therefore, medication should be used only when necessary. Patients with liver should absolutely inform physicians of this fact to get drugs that are least harmful to the patient's organ.

The diet convalescent after hepatitis a very important role is played by vegetables, but also selected and prepared, that did not cause adverse symptoms.

Recommended: green salad, carrots, celery, parsnips, peeled tomatoes, chicory, squash, beets. You should cook them, and in the first period to facilitate the digestion of extra wipe or finely chop.


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