Hepatic colic

Hepatic colic attack

You are at a party or a party. We are happy to have tried all the listed foods eaten yet and no dessert, and finally drank a little (for better digestion).

Unfortunately it did not help. It started with abdominal pain, and then it was only worse.

A few hours after eating a real nightmare begins. It starts to hurt you tight around right rib, and the pain radiates to the back. Then there are nausea and vomiting, which did not bring you relief ...

     Note! These symptoms indicate a gallbladder attack (also called hepatic colic). These symptoms usually appear a few hours after a large and heavy meal.

How do you help with spines liver?

Bring pain relief warm compresses, which should be placed on the abdomen (just plain hot water bottle) and diastolic suppository (which can be, for example Vegantalgin H, Panadol Femina).

Additionally, you can take anti-inflammatory medication and cholagogic (eg Sylimarol, Raphacholin C, Hepatil).

     Note! Be sure to go on a diet digestible and keep it for a few days after the attack.

At the beginning of better restrict only to pastes and a small amount of white bread, and boiled vegetables. After 2-3 days, you can gradually enrich the menu of cooked lean meat, dairy products, etc.

Hepatic colic usually cause gallstones. Therefore, it is worth at the time of the next visit to the doctor to inform him about the symptoms, come and ask for a referral for a blood test and liver ultrasound.

If the study did not confirm the problems with gall bladder, the pain was probably caused by overloading the liver.

Who is at risk for hepatic colic?

They can be expected to those whose diet is too fat, and that's because excess fat causes the crystallization of cholesterol produced in the liver.

From there, go to the deposits of cholesterol gall bladder and arrears, hindering the flow of bile, which is needed for digestion. As a result, the bag starts to shrink rapidly, causing pain.

An infusion of nettle for liver detoxification

Infusion works antispasmodic and helps detoxify the liver.

Preparation: a teaspoon of nettle Molded cup of boiling water and steam, covered, 10 minutes.


How to take care of my liver?

1. Avoid fatty foods (French fries, fried pork chops, especially those prepared with fatty meats such as pork) and pasta topped with hard sauce. There is a lot of fat in cakes and candies.

2.  Do not overdo it with alcohol. Detrimental not only to the liver in large quantities, but also (and even more) low-dose daily drunk.

3.  If desired reach for the tablets. The pharmacy will find supplements that accelerate and enhance the body's detoxification function of the liver.


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