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Gall bladder removal

Gall bladder - or cut is needed?

"If we cut the follicle, there will still be accumulating gallstones." Words like a mantra repeated by doctors.

Indeed, if the bubble is cut out, I'm sure more will gather stones, ha-ha. But cut him an ass is probably the most thing you can do - do not even try to attack more reasonable cause of stone formation?

Because the stones are not created by accident. When it comes to the human body, nothing happens by accident. Therefore, removing the cause of the problem, we can expect a real improvement - is not it?

Besides. . . halo, the gall bladder is not without reason. It is required for normal human life. Essential for the body to break down fats, remove metabolic waste, store excess bile, not to mention the other important functions.

But no, it's easier to take a man into a scalpel. Only. . . that removing the gall bladder has nothing to do with the formation of gallstones.

Let me put it in other words: the removal of the gall bladder, a person can still experiencing intense pain, and her body STILL can create and collect stones. This time. . . in the liver.

Because he says prof. Assoc. Thomas Mach, MD, Head of the Clinical Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Infectious Diseases at the University Hospital in Krakow:

     "Gallstone may return after resection of bladder, mainly because removing it does not remove the cause of the formation of gallstones - disturbed the composition of bile secretion involving the disparity between the amount of bile acids and cholesterol."

From the statements of Professor Mach, it is clear that the problem of clogging bladder stones is not in the gall bladder. The formation of stones depends almost entirely on the quality of the bile that the liver produces.


The conventional approach to the problem ignores the main cause of stone formation . Gall bladder removal does not solve the problem because it does not attack the cause. And the reason , I repeat , is the poor quality of the bile, which comes from the liver.

When bile is poor, and when good quality? Professor Mach answer :

    " In a healthy individual 3/4 represent the composition of bile, bile acids, cholesterol and the rest other ingredients. But if the bile acid is less, there is a relative advantage easily cholesterol and cholesterol crystals precipitate, which then develop gallstones . Approximately 75 % of patients with cholelithiasis is about origin of cholesterol gallstones ."

Again: it follows that, if the liver bile produced poor quality (less than 75 % of bile acids ) begin to form stones.

Who throws car for scrap because it does not drive, because Baku is wrong fuel? But that's what people do when they allow you to cut the follicle. Auto but you can make new ones. When the bladder is removed, it is removed permanently.

If the cause is in the liver and bile formation of poor quality - what is the solution? Of course, improving liver function. Here are two smart steps to strike the root of the problem .

First you need to improve your eating habits. Health problems is a signal from your body to make a difference. Three suggestions :

(1) The bubble function properly if you eat healthy fats. Healthy is the monounsaturated ( fish oil, olive oil, nuts, flaxseed oil, canola and grapeseed oil ), it is unhealthy saturated ( biscuits, fried foods in deep oil, animal fats ).

(2) In so far as can willpower, you should limit your intake of alcohol, food fast food and white bread. White can be replaced by a dark, whole grain.

(3 ) And sweets, which are based on refined sugar, you might want to replace the equally delicious dried fruit or severe, depending on the season.

The second is to use what nature has given to man to improve liver function, and as a result - the production of better quality bile.

The number one among the gifts of Nature is a plant called ARTICHOKE . From ancient times to the present day artichokes are used to treat ailments associated with liver .

Number two is THISTLE . Like the artichoke, so the milk thistle is a traditional remedy for liver worked .


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