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Lazy bowel syndrome

Lazy bowel

Persons who work at a desk, eat fast food, they are not physically active, may have problems with the digestive tract. Due to the lack of fiber and traffic slowly begin to fade mechanisms that are responsible for the reflex bowel movement. This is called. lazy bowel syndrome, whose symptoms are habitual constipation accompanying discomfort.

 Also too excessive intake of laxatives can cause lazy bowel. Especially watch out for the measures that are formulated anthracyclines compounds (eg, senna, buckthorn root, rhubarb root).

It is also worth knowing that the long-term retention of food residues in the gut promotes the formation of toxic substances, and this can lead to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

Lazy bowel syndrome - prevention

Very important role in preventing habitual constipation play lactic acid bacteria that are found in probiotic products. They inhabit the large intestine, producing a substance that stimulates the intestine to work, and inhibit the development of adverse to our health putrefying bacteria.

Important to combat constipation is also recurrent fiber, which stimulates the intestine to work lazy. People who have a tendency to constipation should necessarily enter into your diet whole grains, namely: cereal, wholemeal pasta, brown rice and bran) and fruits and vegetables. It should also be eating prunes, figs and apricots. Regarding liquids, then you need to drink at least 2 L of still water, weak tea or vegetable juice a day.

Do not forget to exercise. Regular exercise will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, and this will accelerate the movement of the intestines and helps regulate the rhythm of bowel movements.

Test irritable bowel syndrome

Do you appear in recurrent abdominal pain or pain persists for more than 3 months?

Yes - No

Can you give the stool a different frequency than before?

Yes - No

Is the form of the stool has changed?

Yes - No

Is there a need for a strong straining during bowel movements?

Yes - No

Have you noticed in the feces visible mucus?

Yes - No

Do you constantly bloated stomach?

Yes - No

When at least two questions, the answer was yes, then you probably suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Go to the doctor internist, gastroenterologist or a proctologist.


  1. Very true. The person work at a desk they may get back pain regularly. Recurrent abdominal pain may occur frequently with them. Thanks for sharing.


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