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Jaundice diet

Diet and herbs for the treatment of catarrhal jaundice

Catarrhal jaundice (ordinary) arises from catarrhal closure of the common bile duct.

Catarrhal jaundice

Patients complain of upset stomach, crease in the hole podsercowym, belching, aversion to food, cover the taste in my mouth, a coated tongue, nausea, headache, and sometimes vomiting. Constipation or diarrhea, and 3-4 of the disease is jaundice on the forehead, conjunctiva, and finally the whole body. The urine becomes dark in color. Depending on the severity of discoloration happens more frequently lemon-yellow. Added to this is also itching.

The diet in the treatment of catarrhal jaundice

The patient should keep full hunger strike until regains appetite. During fasting drink a day 2 lemon juice combined with boiled water and sweetened with honey.

Then, to give a clear improvement - the eating of meat.

Gives a lot of sour milk, oatmeal, rice, mashed carrots or potatoes. Eat plenty of fruit or drink juice squeezed from fresh fruit.

Herbs in the treatment of catarrhal jaundice

1) In the morning, at noon and in the evening take half a cup of decoction of the herb St. John's wort, herb immortelle sandy, weed menyanthes trifoliata, knotweed herb, wormwood herb, flower calendula, gentian root and herb traveler.

Preparation: After 50 g of each of the ingredients thoroughly. 2 tablespoons of mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, add 10 rosehips and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Let stand for another 10 minutes and strain.

2) In the two hours after drinking this brew is given 1 teaspoon of mixture, which is made from the juice of two fresh lemons with the juice squeezed from two heads of garlic.

3) After 10 minutes, drink half a cup of decoction of the herb garden of basil, celery leaves, nettle root, barberry leaves, walnut leaves, lemon balm leaves, herb summer savory.

Preparation: After 50 g of each of the ingredients thoroughly. 3 tablespoons of mixture pour 0.7 liters of boiling water and ready to simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to stand for a further 10 minutes and strain.

4) When do tonight constipation enema with 0.5 liters of hot water.

5) Before going to bed drink 1 cup of salt solution Karlsbad.

Preparation: 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in 0.15 liters of warm water.


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