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Herbs used in diseases of the liver and bile ducts

Herbs for liver

Diseases of the liver and biliary tract are among the most common human diseases.
The liver is the largest gland of the body, which meets at the same time as a warehouse for material digestive system (called glycogen ) and the precision of a chemical system that is enabled between the two systems - digestive and circulatory systems.

If there is a disturbance of the complicated mechanism, it contributes to a number of diseases, in particular be mentioned here:

    ailments and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and circulatory organs (especially the heart) .

This is so because there is a feedback between the liver and the efficiency of the digestive - circulatory system. Prolonged malnutrition, poor diet, nutrition, one-sided, over-eating foods that are rich in fats, proteins, alcohol abuse, drugs, spicy foods , highly salted, as well as hasty and inaccurate grinding food in your mouth - they have an indirect effect on renal liver and gallbladder, which reduce the production of bile in the confluence of disorder, abnormal thickening, which results in the formation of bile stones by crystallization.

The liver is commonly called a " filter " for blood, and the reason is because of the blood collected and processed chemically derived nutrients in the intestines. It also occurs in neutralizing toxins that are in the system in the form harmless compounds are excreted in the urine. Liver cells produce bile, which runs down to the gall bladder and there is compacted.

During digestion, bile flows and the duodenum is involved in the emulsification of dietary fats.

Caution! Early diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the liver and biliary tract prevents secondary complications of the gastrointestinal tract.
Botanical agents, proper diet and hydrotherapy play in this case is very important.

Infusion of problems with the liver and biliary

According to J. Schulz


     menyanthes trefoil leaf - 25 g
     buckthorn bark - 100 g
     fruit juniper - 50 g
     yarrow - 50 g
     knotweed herb - 50 g
     nettle - 50 g
     common centaury herb - 25 g
     horsetail herb - 50 g
     dandelion root - 50 g

     Preparation: Pour 4 tablespoons of herbs 3 cups of boiling water and leave it overnight, covered. Morning warm up and hold on a little fire, do not allow to boil for 10-15 minutes.

Drink 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

The therapeutic effect of the compound has been tried for many years with extraordinary results.

Treatment of black radish juice from liver disease and bile duct 

This six-week treatment is used in folk medicine as a choleretic and dissolving gallstones (exceptions are insoluble stones in this way, in which case it can only help the process).

Caution! Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy and pharmacological treatment of liver and biliary black radish.
Treatment should be started in the morning on an empty stomach with 100 ml of juice of black radish, increasing the dose over three weeks, it comes up to 400 ml per day. Over the next three weeks the dose should be reduced until the initial amount of 100 ml.

Olive cure for liver disease and bile duct

Very effective is the so-called. "Olive treatment," which accelerates the fragmentation of stones in the gallbladder.

Every day before going to bed, drink a tablespoon of raw olive oil and immediately afterwards juice of a whole lemon, which is mixed with olive oil.

Practice for 7-9 days.

During this treatment, it is essential to maintain a strict diet and exclude from diet stimulants, meat, eggs, and foods that cause bloating.

If you want to "drive out" smaller stones or sand from the gallbladder, is for 3 days in the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink 100-200 ml of olive oil.

Caution! Treatment may not be used for acute inflammation of the gallbladder.
This also applies to the preceding and the following:

Grinding the egg with a teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of brandy. Gradually added 150 ml of olive oil. The prepared mixture is drunk in small sips for half an hour. Then you need to lie down for about one hour on the right side.

Stones should go away painlessly to the digestive tract and are excreted in the feces.

Wine to severe liver

Next a very effective tool for heavy liver disorders is a wine with dove weed that can be found in the rubble. Its characteristic feature is the orange milky sap that flows from the plant after the break, the green is also under the snow.

Preparation of drugs: 30 g of fresh herb with roots soaked for 2-3 hours in 1/2 l white wine. Then the squeeze and drink several small sips throughout the day.

Wine helps with jaundice.

The tincture of colic liver and gallstones

When these symptoms is helpful "herbal wine" with the following composition:

     After 20 g -

     burnet less
     turnip common

Preparation: 3 tablespoons of herbs poured into 1 liter of wine or apple must. Heated to boiling and pour into a thermos. 8-9 times a day after taking 1 tablespoon warm liquid.

Incidentally, liver illnesses, and cirrhosis of the liver apply warm compresses to the herb horsetail and "herbs Swedish"

Wraps with "herbs Swedish" should be used four hours a day, and wraps Horsetail 2X day 2 hours. and at night - at around the liver.

Preparation: Boil water in a pot, put in a strainer over a couple of herbs and cover. After a while, take a warm horsetail, put on the gauze and put in a warm state of the affected area. Cover woolen blanket and pillow, which protects against cool compress. There may be a feeling of coolness.

Diet for treatment of diseases of liver and gallbladder

It is very important for treatment of diseases of liver and gallbladder.

It should be c rich in base (alkali). Therefore, it is necessary to introduce into your diet juices, vegetable broths and herbs that are rich in base (eg juice with carrots, red beets, dandelion).

Widely considered to be the fruits and fruit juices, but to avoid bloating vegetables (peas, beans).

Caution! Completely exclude alcoholic beverages, coffee, hot spices (except horseradish).
Avoid meat, fish and eggs. Protein should be complemented curdled milk and cream cheese, which are a source of amino acids and calcium. In the fats selected (in small amounts) fresh butter, soybean oil, sunflower oil or olive oil.

However, with acute cholecystitis not use any fat. Some people feed on farinaceous products (white flour, groats) and cooked compotes. Such a diet can not restore disorder and somewhat damaged tissue.

It is a diet that consists of nutritious cereal products (bran, wholemeal flour), raw vegetables and fruits with which to heal diseased tissue.


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